11 Best .080 Trimmer Line

11 Best .080 Trimmer Line

String trimmers are a versatile all-around tool in keeping your lawn neat and tidy. It can perform numerous applications around the house. You can use it to cut grass, get rid of weeds, for edging lawns or brush, and so much more. What you should know is that your weed whacker can only do as good if you use the best trimmer line for the job.

There are numerous brands, designs, and types of lines for your string trimmer. To make it easier to find what would best suit your needs, here is a list of products you can choose. But first, let us learn how to replace the line on your weed eater.

How To Load A Weed Wacker

Your weed trimmer line will age and become brittle as time goes by. When this happens, the line will break off into tiny pieces, and soon it will get too short to work effectively. What you need to do now is to learn how to load a new trimmer line.

It is straightforward to load your weed whacker with an auto-feed line spool, which comes with a pre-wound line wrapped on the spool. All you’ll need is your weed whacker, a new replacement string spool, and a flat surface. Just follow these steps, and you’re good to go.

  1. Make sure that you unplug or remove the battery pack of your weed whacker first before working on it.
  2. Look for a flat surface to lay your trimmer upside-down. Find the two tabs that hold the spool cover and press to remove the old spool.
  3. Then, pull on the tap button located at the bottom of the spool to slide the spool off the spindle.
  4. Slide in your pre-wound replacement spool into the spindle.
  5. Insert the loose end of the trimmer line through the exit hole on the side of the spool housing.
  6. Secure the spool by pressing it in place until you hear a click. Release the ends of the string trimmer line from the notches in the spool.
  7. Put back the spool cover in and make sure it is secured.

How To Put Wire In Weed Eater

Steps on replacing the wire on your weed eater may vary depending on the model. Some weed eaters either use one or two strings. No matter, adding a new wire can be quick and easy.

  1. Steps on replacing the wire on your weed eater may vary depending on the model. Some weed eaters either use one or two strings. No matter, adding a new wire can be quick and easy.
  2. Removing the spool from the trimmer head can differ for each model of your weed eater. You may need to push a tab or unscrew a retaining ring around the trimmer head.
  3. Get your replacement wire and cut the strings at length, depending on the size of your spool. If your weed eater operates with two lines, cut another piece of the same measurement.
  4. At the center of your spool, find the anchor hole. Inserting one end of the string will help hold it in place while you rewound the spool. For the two-string weed eater, there will be two sections separated with a divider. You will rewind the second line on the other side of the spool.
  5. Find the arrow that indicates the direction to wind the string. Wind the wire from side to side then overlap the next layer to make sure that it wouldn’t tangle. Leave 6 inches of the string trimmer line unwound and use the notch at the edge of the spool to keep the trimmer line from unraveling. Repeat the step for the second string.
  6. Replace the spool into the hub. Feed the end of the strings to the eyelets or exit holes at the side of the trimmer head.
  7. Snap or screw in the retaining ring back to its place. Check to make sure it is secured, so it wouldn’t get loose once you power it on.

How To Put String On A Weedeater

If your weed eater has a speed-feed trimmer, changing the trimmer line is faster than you think. Its design allows a simple method of replacing the string that you can do under two minutes. Here are some easy steps that you should follow.

  1. Prepare the length of the trimmer line indicated on the weed trimmer’s manual. It should vary between 10 to 25 inches, depending on the model or spool size.
  2. Turn your weed eater off. Wait until the gearbox cools down before starting.
  3. Look for the arrow indicator at the spool hub. Turn the cap until it aligns with the eyelets on the side. A light should be visible through the eyelets.
  4. Start threading one edge of the trimmer line through the eyelet. It should come out to the other side of the trimmer head. Do this until both sides of the line are the same length.
  5. Turn the head clockwise to rewind the line up until only 6 inches of the line are left. And you’re done.

Universal String Line Trimmer Wheels

Do you need help in getting that neat, professional-looking work with your weed whacker? A string line trimmer wheel can make handling your trimmer easier. It is a set of wheels on a mounting frame that you fasten to the shaft. It gives the best result on level grounds.

The universal string line trimmer wheels are an accessory that is attached to the shaft of your weed whacker. It helps you hold the trimmer head at a constant height off the ground. Using this attachment also keeps the weight of the weedeater off your shoulders.

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11 Best .080 Trimmer Line

DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225-Feet By 0.080-Inch

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When you are looking for the best trimmer line for your weed trimmer, choose products that have the best quality materials, design, and performance. Put some thought into picking a line that you won’t regret. Whether it is for trimming or edging your lawn, you need a trimmer line that could handle the job.

The 0.80-inch diameter string trimmer line by Dewalt has an aerodynamic design that makes it efficient in cutting weeds and edging grass. Materials used for this line are both flexible and impact resistant. It could outlast any other lines in the market.


  • An aerodynamic design that maximizes run time
  • Made with flexible and impact-resistant materials
  • Designed to last long
    • It has the best cutting efficiency.
    • The line is both flexible and durable.
    • It can last longer and perform better than other trimmer lines.
    • This string trimmer line breaks off when it hits something solid like bricks, concrete, metal, etc.

Weed Warrior – Pulverizer Bi-Component Twist Trimmer Line, 0.80” Diameter x 100′

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For lawn maintenance, you need a tool that you can trust. Commercial and professional landscapers always look for trimmer lines that could finish the job well without breaking the bank. If you are looking for the same thing, we have just the right product for you.

Want a weed trimmer line that works best on your lawn and for your budget? Weed Warrior’s Pulverizer Twist is worth giving a try. It consists of high-quality nylon resin, which makes it strong and doesn’t break easily. Its twisted design increases its efficiency while also lessening the vibration.


  • Compatible with all string trimmer brands that use 0.080-inch lines
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Aerodynamic to decrease line flutter
  • Runtime is 15% longer
  • Less line fluttering makes sure it cuts level easily.
  • Its high standards are best for commercial use.
  • It is inexpensive but has a long lifespan.

  • Difficult to thread through the holes or eyelets for some weed eater models because of the tight fit.

Ryobi One PLUS+ AC80RL3 OEM 0.080 Inch Twisted Line And Spool Replacement For Ryobi 18v, 24v, And 40v Cordless Trimmers (3 Pack)

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There are times when all you just want to get the job done right away. Spooling a new line can be too much time-consuming when you are in a hurry. Lucky for you, there are pre-wound trimmer lines that can help you get back to work immediately.

Ryobi offers a ready to use twisted line and spool replacement that is very easy to use. It is a tough line that can cut through tough grass and weeds like butter. This product allows you to replace your trimmer line in just a snap.


  • Durable twisted line
  • The spool is compatible with all Ryobi trimmers and other brands
  • It comes with a pre-winded twisted line.
  • Fast and easy line replacement.

  • The line turns brittle on high-temperatures.

BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement Spool, Dual Line, 0.080-Inch (DF-080)

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It is always useful to have a replacement spool at a ready when doing lawn maintenance. You can get work a lot faster. Without wasting time replacing two sets of line on the spool, cutting weeds becomes effortless.

There are advantages to a factory wound trimmer line. For one thing, it prevents the line from tangling. The dual-line replacement spool by Black+Decker is also very easy to install on your string trimmer.


  • Ready to use
  • Expertly wound trimmer line
  • Line auto-feeds
  • It cost less than other replacement spools.
  • The line doesn’t tangle when in use.
  • The spool automatically feeds the line.

  • When exposed to high temperatures, the line could fuse.

Cyclone 0.080-Inch-by-200-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Green CY080D1/2-12

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One of the most common issues with trimmer lines is that it becomes welded or tattered while in use. It is problematic when you are working on large lawn spaces. To stop this from happening, you need a reliable continuous line.

The Cyclone uses a copolymer formula. This material makes its product resistant to fraying and welding. You get more cutting power and strength to tackle tough weeds and grass with its 6-blade design.


  • Patented 6-bladed, Cyclone shaped trimmer line design
  • Materials using special copolymer formula
  • It has fray and weld resistance.
  • Tough and durable.
  • The six blades give you more cutting power.
  • It is compatible with any weed eater that requires a 0.80 diameter line.

  • Slack in the line can cause feeding problems.

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BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line, 20-Foot, 0.08-Inch, Auto Feed (SF080)

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Extensive lawn work can cause you to run through a full spool of trimmer line. Save time and energy from spooling a line for your weed whacker. It only takes a few seconds to replace the trimmer line when you have a spool ready on hand.

Use this trimmer line from Black+Decker for an uninterrupted weed whacking. It is tough and very durable. The line is wounded perfectly on the spool so that it wouldn’t get tangled.


  • Pre-wound spool
  • Durable trimmer line
  • Auto-feed capable
  • It requires no assembly.
  • An expertly wounded trimmer line reduces tangling.
  • The auto-feed allows easy use.

  • It is not heat resistant.

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 1-Pound Coil Of 0.080-Inch-by-413-Foot Round String Trimmer Line

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When you use a trimmer line that is both durable and strong, you can save a lot of time and expense in yard work. You won’t need to replace your line too frequently if you have a reliable product. Always choose the line that professionals trust, like the Gatorline by Oregon.

It uses superior nylon polymer that helps it last longer than other lines. The durable coating makes it resistant to breakage when it hits hard surfaces. A flexible inner core gives it added power so you can cut through vegetation easily.


  • Made from high-quality nylon copolymer
  • Impact-resistant line
  • Flexible inner core
  • Tough outer layer
  • Impervious to welding
  • Heavy-duty and can last a very long time.

  • Fits all string trimmer models that require 0.80-inch diameter lines.
  • It doesn’t tangle or fuse easily.

  • The line can become brittle.

Arnold Maxi-Edge 0.08-Inch x 140-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line

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If you want to extend the life of your weed eater, you’ll need to make sure only to use top-quality products. High-quality trimmer lines also optimize its performance. Installing lower-grade products may cause damage to your weed whacker.

For hard to cut grass or weeds, the Maxi-Edge will come handy. It is a jagged shaped polymer line that is very durable. The design enhances the cutting function and resists breakage while trimming around the edge of your decks or driveways.


  • Hard-wearing polymer
  • Serrated shape line
  • Long-lasting material
  • Fits most string trimmer with 0.80-inch lines
  • Cuts grass, vines, and weeds faster.
  • It is best for edging your lawn.
  • The line flutters when over-extended.

Oregon 20-118 Platinum Gatorline 0.080 Inch Replacement String Trimmer Line, 414-Feet

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Making those straight lines and edges on your yard is easier when you have the right trimmer line. This product is perfect for high-precision trimming around flowerbeds, or edges. It’s quiet and steady movement improves the handling of your string trimmer.

The Platinum Gatorline has an armored exterior that can withstand high temperatures and is challenging to trim vegetations. It absorbs shock to stop the line from breaking easily when in contact with solid objects. There is also less drag and noise because of its twisted design.


  • Welding, abrasion, and breakage resistant exterior
  • A flexible inner core material
  • Reduced drag and vibration
  • The durable outer layer can withstand normal wear and tear.
  • Its flexibility prevents it from breaking off or cracking.
  • Compared with other nylon lines, it has less vibration.
  • It is well-suited with many string trimmers with a 0.80-inch trimmer line.
  • The line is too stiff to wrap easily around the spool.

Weed Eater 588937905 0.080 Inch x 100′ Round Trimmer Line

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Round trimmer lines are best for everyday use around the house. It is the ideal tool for trimming the lawn or cutting weeds. The line is durable enough against trees, concrete, metals, and other surfaces.

Another advantage is that it is the easiest line to load on your weed eater. It is a sturdy yet inexpensive option. The Weed Eater round line can endure lighter lawn tasks.


  • Great cutting performance
  • Compatible with all Weed Eater Models
  • It is the easiest trimmer line to wind.

  • Can bear strike with hard surfaces like concrete, bricks, trees, etc.
  • It is inexpensive.

  • Not strong enough to cut robust weeds.

Husqvarna 639 00 51-13 TitaniumForce Trimmer Line – 1-Pound 0.080-Inch

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The trimmer line’s weight, composition, and design must be suitable with your weed whacker’s engine. Excessive drag and vibration don’t only cause noise but also put a strain on the motor.

Husqvarna’s cutting-edge technology creates one of the best long-lasting and good performance trimmer lines. This model allows fast acceleration that keeps itself level. It is quieter and reduces strain on the engine, so it consumes less fuel.


  • A commercial-grade copolymer material
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Allows fast acceleration
  • Maintain a steady level
  • It can fit any standard trimmer line heads.

  • Stays at a constant level while in flight.
  • It consumes less energy.

  • Small plastic bits break off after extensive use.

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How Long Should Trimmer Line Be

Have you ever noticed the razor blade on the edge of your string trimmer’s deflector guard? The deflector improves visibility while you work and protects you from flying debris. Aside from ensuring your safety, the guard also keeps your trimmer line from over-extending.

The length of the trimmer line directly affects the performance of your weed eater’s engine. The longer the string is, the harder the machine must work to support its weight. It slows down the speed and makes it run hotter.


You can make sure your weed whacker would run without a hitch if you follow the ideal trimmer line length. Running more lines would only increase the vibration and ultimately cause the engine to overheat. Following this advice can also help you extend the life of your trimmer line.

How To Fix A Weed Eater That Won’t Spin

Most of the time, when your weed eater is acting up and won’t spin, the problem might be caused by stuck plants or roots on the head. If it’s not that, then you may be looking at a mechanical issue. But there is no need to fret, as you can easily fix it yourself in no time.

The string trimmer’s head is the first place that you should look at when it suddenly stops working. Tough plant parts that have winded tightly can restrict the movement of the head. You can fix it easily by clearing all the debris and dirt. Just make sure you turn off your weedeater before cleaning it.

If cleaning your string trimmer still doesn’t fix the problem, it might mean that you have a bad clutch or spark arrestor. These parts may need replacements as your string trimmer gets old. It is also worth checking if the air filter is blocked. Replacing the parts would mean taking apart your weedeater, so if you are not confident, it is best to just ask for help.

Best Weed Eater For Brush Cutting

A brush is challenging to maintain. It can harbor pests and insects during warm and humid climates. You must always get on top of it to get rid of fast-growing weeds and keep it looking good. If you don’t have a brush cutter in hand, your weed eater can finish the job for you.

For brush cutting, weed eaters like the Gas String Trimmer by Husqvarna are the best choice. Its two-stroke engine is safer and very effective in cutting soft-stemmed vegetations. The elongated shaft provides you with the added range, which is useful when working with hard to reach branches or brush.


The flying debris, while cutting a brush with a weed whacker, can be dangerous. The deflector guard can lower the risk of objects from being thrown at you. But it is still advisable to wear eye protection and proper wear to prevent any injury.

How To Edge Your Lawn With A String Trimmer

Professionals always make it look easy when they are working on your landscape. You might work hard to maintain it yourself. However, mowing the lawn isn’t giving you the manicured appearance that you want. What you should know is that you already have the tools to make it.

Make your yard look sharper and tidier by cleaning up the edges of your flowerbeds, walkways, and driveways. You can use your handy weed whacker as easy and convenient edging equipment. You won’t need any additional tools, just the right technique.

Before working, make sure that you are wearing the proper safety glasses and clothes. Switch the string trimmer on and hold it, so the trimmer line is aligned vertically to the ground. This position allows you to cut narrowly along the edges of the lawn. Press the trigger to start spinning the head. Make sure that you hold the handle firmly.

You can then lower the head gently until it touches the ground. Work your string trimmer along the border of the area. This method will create that sharp finished edge fast and easily on your own.

How To Spool Weed Trimmer Line

Winding a new trimmer line to a spool is not an easy task for all. It can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to do it. And, if you don’t know the proper way to wind the trimmer line, it can end up tangled up when you turn on your weedeater.

To spool a weed trimmer line, the first thing that you should do is to make sure you have the correct line diameter. Depending on the size of your engine, there should be a precise type and measurement that you need to use. Look for the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual. It will provide you all the information you need.


Aside from sizes, lines are also available in different types, such as braided, multi-sided, standard round, etc. The jagged trimmer lines are best for working with thicker and heavier weeds. Once you have acquired the correct trimmer line, you can now start with the procedure.

Prepare the length of the line or lines as instructed in your manual. The reel should have holes that would anchor the start of your line as you wrap it around the spool. Insert one end of the wire until it feels secure. Wrap the string around the reel following the direction of the arrow, with the line laying side to side. Start to overlay the next layer right on top, winding until a few inches remain.

You should find a notch at the side of the reel. Use it to hold your line in place and prevent it from unwinding. Do this again for the second string for the double-line weed eater. Following these steps should help you avoid the line from getting twisted or knotted.

How To Put Line On A Weed Eater Spool

You might see in the market different spools for weed whackers. Each model or brand uses one type that is specific to the requirements of the engine. It is crucial to follow the correct instructions, and make sure that you put the line correctly on the weed eater spool.


There are two types of spools for weed eaters. It is either a single or double-sided spool. Each can be wounded differently depending on what the manufacturer identifies. Some dual-sided spools are winded in the same direction, while another requires it in opposite directions.


Markings on the spool should show you the direction in which the trimmer line needs to be winded. It is a simple task to follow. You just need to familiarize yourself with the signs you need to be looking for and go along with the instructions on your manual.


What is the best commercial trimmer line?

The best trimmer line for both trimming and edging grass is the DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line. It is efficient, flexible, and durable.

What is the crucial difference between a line trimmer and a whipper snipper?

Line trimmers are best for working on small spaces and tidying up edges of the lawn using a line or wire. The whipper snipper can also be considered a brush cutter, which looks very similar to a line trimmer. However, it uses a metal blade for heavier works like clearing tough weeds, briars, nettles, etc.

What do you use a line trimmer for?

For cutting grass and weeds in your lawn, the line trimmer would be the best tool. It is lightweight and easy to handle. You can also use it to edge your lawn or brush.

Can a brush cutter cut grass?

Yes, you can use a brush cutter to cut grass. Although, you need to know the proper technique to do it so as not to damage the blade.

Why is it called a whipper snipper?

Whipper snipper means edge cutter or clipper in Norwegian. It is also what they call line trimmers in Canada and Australia.

Whipper Snipper - Aussie lingo is *weird* - Imgur

Can I use the electric trimmer on wet grass?

It is recommended not to use electric trimmers in wet weather or on wet grass. Operating the electric weed trimmer on damp grass can be perilous as you can easily slip or lose balance while holding the tool.

How do you cut the edges of your lawn?

A line trimmer will help you attain tidy edges on your lawn. It is easy to operate and handle, which is useful for precision.

Will a brush cutter cut brambles?

The brush cutter has metal blades and a powerful engine. It is best suited for handling tougher jobs, such as cutting overgrown weeds and brambles.

Can you use a trimmer instead of a lawnmower?

Lawnmowers are efficient garden tools for cutting large areas of grass. However, trimmers are best for cutting grass around trees and edges without missing a blade.

Lawn Mower Vs. Trimmer – Ultimate Comparison - MorningToBed.com

How can I cut grass without a trimmer?

You can use shears to clean out the edges of your lawn or the areas that your lawnmower missed. But it can be tedious and requires lots of effort and time to accomplish.

How do I cut the overgrown edges of my lawn?

If you want to attain a defined edge on your lawn, use the line trimmer. It is faster and easier.

How to cut back overgrown grass edges with "The Golden Edge" blade ...

What is the best tool for cutting down brambles?

Line trimmer can cut down brambles easily. If you need a more powerful tool to get rid of them, you can use a brush cutter instead.

3 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles 2019 - Reviews Radar


Taking care of your lawn can be a lot easier when you have all the tools you need to complete the task. Having the best weed trimmer and the best trimmer line can help you finish the job quickly and efficiently. Just make sure you use the correct products to replenish the trimmer line spool for your weedeater.