11 Best .155 Trimmer Line

11 Best .155 Trimmer Line

If you find it challenging to get the weeds out in your garden, lawn, or backyard, we’ve found the perfect solution. A string trimmer is a handy and powerful tool that uses a trimmer line – a material that looks like string used to cut grasses and weeds for areas that are out of each. Depending on your trimmer line’s thickness, you can easily tear down those unnecessary plants and for your yard.

However, thicker bushes or weeds will need a .155-inch trimmer line to ensure they are being removed efficiently. And fortunately, we have the best .155 trimmer lines available in the market today! After careful reviews and much-needed research, the list below will hopefully help you decide the best trimmer line for your next plan.

How to String a Weed Eater with Two Holes

If you’re a first-timer in weed whacking, you might find changing the string a bit more challenging than expected. However, the process is pretty simple once you’re sure of what you’re doing, and you’ll see that you can string a weed eater with two holes. With following the guide below, and maybe a few practices, you can easily say stringing your weed eater is like getting candy from a baby.

Before going through the entire process, however, you must acknowledge that certain issues and problems may arise if you make a couple of mistakes here and there. It makes the process frustrating, but with a bit of perseverance and multiple tries, you’ll eventually master it in no time.

1. Prepare Your String

Your string length will have to depend on the size of your weed eater. You can simply do a bit of “eyeballing” at this step. However, if you have not yet bought a trimmer line, make sure the string’s width is the right fit for your weed eater. Check out the manufacturer website or instruction manual for your weed eater to know which size width to use.

2. Switch the Weed Eater Off

Making sure your weed eater is off, ensures you don’t accidentally burn yourself if you change the string right after cutting. Also, be wary of the gearbox; best to wait until it cools down. You will find where the line sticks out underneath the weed eater – called the retaining cap. To open, you can either press both cap sides and lift it up, or click a single side.

3. Locate Starter Hole

Now that the cap is off, it’s time to insert the string. Find your string’s center and fold it in half on both sides. Then, place the middle point into the starter notch pull with all your might. Tightly wrap the string around the cap.

4. Two Holes

For two-holed weed eaters, you will have to follow the directional arrows found on the cap and wrap the string in that direction. To avoid any unwanted jam, you might want to use straight rows in stringing. Once you have 5 inches of line left, snap the retainer back to keep it in place. Remember to do the same process for both string ends.

5. Place String on Both Holes

Once you’ve done step four, take the string from the retainer and insert them through the two holes you’ll find on the head of the weed eater. Then, return the pool into the weed eater head and attach back the retaining cap. After this, you’re good to go!

Trimmer Line that Doesn’t Break

Unfortunately, all trimmer lines, or any other items, wear down eventually from frequent use. It’s normal for it to break, but trimmer lines do wear out faster than you often expect if you cut through thick weeds or hard surfaces, including walls and rocks. Another factor is when the line is spinning too fast.

But there has to be a way to make them last longer, right? Yes! With the following techniques below, you can make sure your string last for several cuts, and your problem will only be winding the pool a couple of times in a year. Keep in mind these three things to make your string trimmer last longer.

1. Weed Eating Techniques

The way you use your weed eater can also be the reason your strings don’t last that long. Remember to keep the string parallel to the ground when you tap the spool and feed more line. This way, you can prevent the line from hitting rocks or dirt. Also, listen to the string trimmer’s sound – you will hear if it needs a new string.

2. Spool Size

Not every trimmer line spool has the same size, and this may have a significant difference in how long the trimmer line can last before having it replaced. For your benefit, trimmers can carry various amounts of strings, which is why you always get the bigger one as you shop. You can even have a larger aftermarket spool head despite manufacturers not mentioning it on the packaging.

3. Type of String

Consider the size of your string, brand, style, and length when making your string last longer. One main limiting factor is your string size. Check your instruction manual or the recommended manufacturer sting size for your weed eater.

One last tip is to never leave your string under direct sunlight. During the months of summer, soak your line in the water! It will prevent heat deterioration, making sure your string is always ready for some weed whacking.

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Best .155 Trimmer Line

Without a doubt, weed eaters are definitely one of the most efficient tools for gardening or for anyone who wants to keep their yard neat and clean. However, no matter how handy these gadgets can be, they will also refuse to function if not equipped with the right trimmer line. Likewise, there is also a specific trimmer size for your weed eater.

Often, if you have a thinner line, it will also struggle in pushing heavier bushes. Thicker strings are the best option for trimming heavy weeds, mainly because they don’t easily break. The 0.155 size easily falls within the category, making it the perfect line for heavy work such as taming thin woody brush.

However, in a world filled with so many options, the last thing you want is ending up with a defective line. For this specific reason, here are 11 of the best .155 trimmer lines

1. Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line, Red CY155S3

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If you seek for the best trimmer available on the market, you will never go wrong with choosing Cyclone CY155S3. This proprietary-grade trimmer line measures a diameter of .155 inches, which makes it perfect for thick weeded areas. Made with copolymer nylon that is reinforced, manufacturers designed this trimmer line to slash through shrubbery and weeds with ease.

No matter the size of your yard – small, medium, or large – the Cyclone CY155S3 can definitely handle it. Not only does it hold exceptionally well as time passes, but it’s also capable of cutting through feet of weeds without adding any damage at the sides.


  • Perfect for trimmers with high wheels
  • It has a patented 6-bladed shape to add cutting power
  • Landscaping professionals will find this trimmer line ideal
  • Proprietary commercial-grade copolymer nylon offers superior durability and strength
  • Reinforced with multiple polymers
  • Very thick
  • Commercial grade trimmer line
  • 6-bladed shape

  • Can be noisy at times

2. Oregon 20-108 Platinum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line .155-Inch by 100-Foot- Best budget pick

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The Platinum Gatorline trimmer line is the best choice if you are a professional since it has a higher resistance to breakage than standard trimmer lines. Plus, it also offers impressive shock absorbency and durability that will most likely raise your eyebrow due to its extremely flexible core. With low noise, it also produces few noise decibels as it spins.

The .155 inch diameter line is the ideal fit for plenty of string trimmer models. They built the Platinum Gatorline to be compatible with various trimmer head systems such as semi, automatic, and fixed-line bump-feed heads. It also fits most battery-powered, electric, and gas curved and straight shaft string trimmers. Give your manual a check for more recommendations.


  • Great for severe environments
  • Impact-resistant
  • Twisted trimmer line
  • Made with a thin outer shell
  • Shock absorbing
  • Fits plenty of string trimmer models
  • Less noise
  • May have drag

3. Oregon 22-855 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .155-Inch Diameter 3-Pound Spool – Best runner up

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If you’re looking for long-lasting gardening tools with the power of a horse to make sure it gets the job done, then the Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line should set things straight! It meets the standards necessary for heavy-duty commercial landscaping. With a perfectly versatile rope, it makes it easy for people to fit in with their trimming machine of choice.

Additionally, the line is made of dual Polymer reinforced with Aramid fiber. It makes it very durable, capable, and durable in trimming through those overgrown bushes you might find in your garden. What’s more, it has a length of 251 feet – long enough to make sure you get all your stressful and complicated projects done.


  • Durable
  • Square trimmer line
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Has a length of 251 feet
  • Superior cutting performance
  • A flexible and strong inner core
  • Prevents welding due to outer shell
  • Fits most string trimmers

  • Not ideal for light projects

4. Oregon 22-455 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line

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The Oregon Square Magnum Gatorline comes with various features that make it suitable for commercial and heavy-duty trimming of broad areas. Made of aramid fibers and dual polymer material, you can guarantee the durability of the string. Its square shape makes it the reason for its ultimate cutting power as it cuts through big and thick weeds.

A high-performance polymer made to resist breakage makes the Oregon Magnum Gatorline trimmer line’s core layer. In contrast, the outer layer has another polymer material that complies with abrasion and anti-welding properties. What makes it better is how aramid fibers reinforce the outer layer for added durability.


  • Transparent, thick, breakage-resistant skin
  • Notable durability
  • Outer shell prevents welding
  • Highly affordable
  • Square shape for cutting efficiency
  • Strong and durable

  • Very short with only 84 feet

5. Oregon 21-855 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .155-Inch Diameter 3-Pound Spool

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Well suitable for all types of users, the Oregon 21-855 fits not only typical standard trimmer heads, but also features high-quality and long-lasting materials. Its 155-inch diameter trimmer line is the most ideal fit for several trimmer models.

Trusted both by homeowners and professionals alike, the Gatorline trimmer line provides a varied range of affordable and premium solutions to handle low-moderate vegetative, grassy environments. Gatorline also fits most string trimmers of any type, making it the right line suited for your trimming necessities.


  • Breakage-resistant skin
  • High-quality Nylon polymer
  • “Donut” packaging for reduced tangling
  • Fits most string trimmers

  • Includes Echo Speed-Feed 400

  • Impact-resistant to solid surfaces


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6. MTD Genuine Parts .155-Inch Wheeled String Trimmer Replacement Cutting Lines

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If you aim to make your outdoor power equipment to do more and last longer, you will want these MTD Genuine parts, attachments, and accessories. The manufacturers aim to provide you with varied snow-friendly and top-quality products that will make sure to get your equipment through the toughest of weather.

Compatible with several major brands along with more than fifty years of proven performance, MTD has a cutting-edge reputation for providing extensive engineering expertise and product innovations. Yes, it sounds fancy, but that’s because it also brings out fancy results! With easy-to-follow directions and extra tips, it will make sure to get the job done right in no time.


  • Long Pre-cut line 18.5 inches
  • The diameter of .155 inches
  • 10 pieces
  • Cut at the right length

  • Ready to install

  • Durable

  • Not all tubes are long-lasting

7. Oregon 19-005 Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line Precut .155-Inch Diameter x 18-Inch Length 24-Piece Tube

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If you’re looking for a decent trimmer line enough to weed through your garden or lawn, you should try the Oregon 19-005 Gatorline Trimmer line. It has a long-lasting .155-inch gauge made with co-polymer material and comes in pieces of pre-cut trimmer line in 18 inches, and 24 pieces.

All you have to do is push into the trimmer head for easy and quick loading. It immediately eliminates tangled pools and keeps the trimmer line from winding in the wrong direction.


  • Green in color
  • Quick and easy loading
  • Co-polymer material24 pieces in a tube

  • Commercial grade

  • May wear down easily

8. Vortex Commercial Trimmer Line .155 3-Lbs. Medium Spool 250 Feet

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The Dessert Vortex trimmer line makes sure to set the quality standard commercial grades. The patented line also features a spiral design in a unique form that provides many performance advantages. It has low drag aerodynamics that offers a line that decreases drag dramatically, which contributes to higher rpm in the engine, resulting in greater power on impact.

Another benefit that Vortex provides is a significant decrease in noise levels. It also has no line flutter, decreases vibration, tempered cutting edges, and removal of line fray or split. Yes, virtually speaking, Vortex cuts better. The proprietary nylons for its production also mean that Vortex is one of the most long-lasting trimmer lines ever made.


  • Commercial grade
  • Desert Vortex Trimmer Line
  • .155 inch
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Fits most machines
  • The line may become twisted

9. Stens 380-635 Silver Streak Trimmer Line 315-Foot by .155-Inch

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Other than its very affordable price, Stens Silver Streak Trimmer Line also carries a wide variety of OEM or replacement parts for outdoor power equipment with small engines. It easily cuts the entire spool into a 21-inch single for your trimmer with added quality durability, making sure it will last long despite its price. A budget-quality product you can definitely trust!


  • Length is 315 feet
  • .155-inch Diameter
  • Made for straight shaft along with walk-behind gas trimmers
  • Very affordable
  • Fits most machines
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Not as durable

10. Craftsman .155 High Wheel Trimmer Line XQ 85′, 71-85906

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The Craftsman.155 High Wheel Trimmer Line comes in the color red in a spiral shape. Due to its shape, it makes it an extremely high-power line that is capable of easily trimming heavy and thick grass and weeds. Manufacturers designed the Craftsman for high-wheel trimmers. The shape also minimizes the string trimmer’s noise and vibration, which makes it perfect to use in areas with high noise restriction.

Additionally, the shape also adds up to its durability. A user once mentioned that this line is a lot better compared to the square one that came extra with is string trimmer. It is both tough and durable as a trimmer line recommended by professionals for trimming jobs when using a wheeled trimmer.


  • Less noise due to patented spiral shape
  • Includes 85 feet of trimmer line
  • Craftsman’s Lifetime Guarantee
  • Designed for high wheel trimmers
  • Durable and strong
  • Visible red color
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Extremely powerful
  • 85 feet is too short

11. Arnold .155-Inch x 109-Foot Xtreme Professional Grade Trimmer Line

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Does your yard have plenty of thick and heavy bushes and weeds? The Arnold Xtreme Professional – manufactured by the Arnold Corporation, a well-known company with more than fifty years of experience in the business – has the highest performance and durability amongst their products due to the quality of materials.

The trimming line is most suitable for heavy-duty landscaping with a significant reduction in noise and vibration because of its shape. 109 feet and maroon in color, Arnold Xtreme has six refills. Therefore, the perfect line for trimming efficiently with less wear and tear resulting from noise and vibration is finally here!


  • Fits MTD, Ariens, Swisher, Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, and others
  • Contains a cutting tool and 6 refills
  • For walk-behind edgers
  • Very affordable
  • Includes cutting tool
  • Less vibration and noise
  • 109 feet is short
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Why Does My Trimmer Line Keep Breaking?

Having a freshly trimmed lawn makes everything sweeter and fresh. Here are some tips on making sure you get that perfect crisp of grass without replacing your line every now and then.

Check the Manual

Most of the time, your weed eater’s manufacturer will have the necessary suggestions for the specifications needed for your line, including its diameter and shape. As tiring as it may sound, doing some light reading will save you more time and money.

Always Take Note of the Line

If you keep on breaking your line or having to replace it more times than you should, there is a high possibility of you using the wrong size. You have to think of your yard, and if you think it’s wide enough, then that’s when you should use a thicker line. Otherwise, it will only add more load on your weed eater’s motor, making it rotate slower.

Full Speed

Remember that the best trimming is always done at full speed and that it’s at the tip of the line that does the cutting work and not halfway down. So, make sure to keep most of the line out of the thick to ensure it does not easily break in the middle, or wear down, and you might find yourself with a cleaner and quicker cut.

Auto Feed Heads

You might find some ling trimmers having auto-feed heads. However, these mostly have a specific size of line for usage. Always choose wisely and read the instruction manual, or else, you might use an incorrect size, making it defective.

Best Results

Always stars at the edge and work towards the center if you want to get the cleanest results. Try to avoid starting your line trimmer in the grass. Remember, once you understand your machine and follow the steps mentioned, you can easily trim your lawns smoothly without any unwanted problems.


Is Thicker Trimmer Line Better?

Although this might not come as a surprise to most people, the trimmer line general rule is that if your situation is challenging, you will need a thicker line. A larger diameter will immediately increase the line’s power and durability, meaning less wear-out and breakage.

If you often use cordless string trimmers, keep this in mind: using thicker strings will eventually affect your runtime and power. As the line thickness boosts up, you will also have more wind resistance, which affects the cutting head, and in turn, slows down the speed of the engine’s rotating power. Generally speaking, it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

How do I Choose a Trimmer Line?

Trimmer lines have all their flaws, and none of them are equal. Before leaving your garden to purchase a trimmer line strand, you will need to take a few things into consideration. The first thing to take note of is your yard size. Having a relatively small yard will get you by with light-duty and thin trimmer lines. For larger yards, you will most likely need thick and heavy-duty lines.

Remember to also consider the weed thickness in your yard. If you use a light trimmer line on them, you can guarantee it is not getting through thicker weeds efficiently. It will also have a shorter wear-down, forcing you to replace it often, costing you both time and money.

Does trimmer line size matter?

On most models, you can switch out the cutting lines and heads to accommodate various line gauges. Of course, you must always check the width of inches fit for your cutting head. Still, it may also depend on what job you have ahead – giving you plenty of options.

Thicker pre-cut line, thinner spooled line, squared and zigzagged lines, or you can sometimes use blades or chains. Trimmer lines also come in different thicknesses and shapes, as well made from multiple materials of quality.

What is a Mow Curb?

When you don’t install added edging around the flower beds, you can cut your flowers while mowing the grass to compensate. A cement mow curb also helps prevent this problem since the curb acts as a buffer to make sure grass does not directly grow against the flower bed. You can either add curves or install a straight curb with flexible hardboard strips to use as forms.

Landscape Edging & Mow Strips - Landscaping Network

How do you edge your lawn by hand?

Edging your lawn is one of the most high-impact projects you can do in improving your property appearance. It catches people’s eyes and also gives your home the appearance of neatness and tidiness. If you have not edged your lawn, try to do it once, and you can make sure it won’t be the last time! The usual process goes on like this:

  1. Moss removal or dethatching if required
  2. Aerate the lawn
  3. Mow it
  4. Add some fertilizer
  5. Edge the lawn
  6. Tidy visible debris/cuttings by using a leaf blower or a vacuum

You can also edge your lawn with a robust powered tool such as a string trimmer or a manual edging tool. However, edging by hand interprets the latter, don’t you think?

How do you Keep the Grass from Growing in Mulch?

Caring for your lawn that might surround a mulched bed proves challenging since weed trimmers and mowers can blow a lot out of place. By digging a trench separation between the grass and mulch, you can now directly mow along the area with mulch without having to touch it.

Trench edging, otherwise known as Victorian edge, offers a barrier to prevent grass from having to spread in flower beds. Without any required materials, you can create a trench edge without spending by using only a spade and a half-moon edger. You better expect to cut the edging a couple of times a year for line redefinition as soil erodes.


You will find several of .155 trimmer lines on the market, but you can find the best of those on the list above, and that’s a guarantee. From the features to its pros and cons, you can easily decide which one is perfect for your next project. Always make sure to get your money’s worth by spending on the one that suits you the best! Go check it out now and get yourself the best results!