11 Best Cat Clippers for Matted Fur

11 Best Cat Clippers for Matted Fur

Every cat parent will tell you that their felines are their furry ball of sunshine. Whatever the breed of cat is, they make sure she is in the best shape. One way to know if a cat is healthy is through her fur.

One thing cat owners have to deal with is matted fur. Fur mats happen when the coat becomes entangled and knotted. It can be anywhere in their body but mostly between the legs, around the collar, or under the chest. When left unattended, the knots tighten and can cause discomfort, skin irritation, or, worse, infection.

As feline owners, you have a role to play in preventing this. If it has already started, you would have to use the best cat clippers for matted fur to ease their discomfort.

How to Shave A Cat

Knowing how to shave your cats when their mats do not respond to clippers anymore is a handy skill. It can be better for your cat if you do it as she is more comfortable with you than the groomer. We have rounded up tips and steps for you to give your cat a comfortable, clean, and safe shave.

What You Need:

  • Full body clippers
  • Clipper
  • Towels for easy clean up (if the floor cannot be easily swept)
  • Optional: Gloves (Protection for scratches)
  • Optional: Cat treats

What To Do:

Step 1 – Trim claws

Some of the cats would try to defend themselves while being shaved. Just to be safe, clip her nails before you start shaving.

Step 2 – Test the cat’s reaction to sound

Check how your cat will react with the sound of the clipper. If she looks scared with just the sound, you can consider a restraining device or harness. Another option is to ask your vet if any mild sedative can be used.

Step 3 – Make sure to hold the skin taut

Cats have supple skins that quickly move. Under the clippers, it can bunch up and possibly give her a cut or pinch. Firmly hold the skin down and pull it taut to avoid accidental cuts and pinches.

If there is a matted section, hold the end of the matted fur and move it side by side as you move around.

Step 4 – Start at the top of the body

Begin shaving at the top of the body, making your way to the tail. Do not shave the actual tail.

Step 5 Hold your cat firmly yet gently

Hold your cat gently and firmly, and shave your way, starting towards the back of the neck and working towards the tail.


  • Take frequent breaks to avoid cuts and for the cat to be calmer in the process.
  • Give treats to reward the cut for her patience.
  • Ask a helper to pull the skin flat to avoid another mat and cuts.

How To Get Mats Out Of Cat Fur

Clumps of fur can be a nuisance to your cat. If there is a spot or two of matted hair, this can be taken care of at home.

You will need steady hands to de-mat your cat. To keep her calm, you will need a lot of patience, and sometimes, help from an assistant.

What You Need:

  • Sharp, blunt-end scissors
  • Fine comb
  • Conditioner in a spray bottle
  • Cornstarch
  • Optional: cat treats

What To Do:

Step 1 – Prepare the area for the de-matting

For smaller tangles, spray the portion with a hair conditioner.

In the matted spot, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder, and gently spread and work it using your fingers. Gently pull the matted area up and away from the skin, letting you see where the skin is.

If the cat reacts, take a break and pet her until she calms down. When your cat starts to stress out, just repeat this soothing.

Step 2 – Cut the mat carefully

Using sharp blunt-nosed scissors, gently and carefully slide the scissors along the skin to the matted part. Hold them perpendicular to the skin with the bottom blade sliding along the skin. Into the mat, then cut it up. Try not to pull the hair while you’re cutting and make a clean cut.

Give your cat her treat for being patient.

Just over half an inch, move the scissor and cut again. Once you can, start working the mats apart using your fingers, and gently pull away from the loose pieces.

Step 3 – Start combing the mat piece

First off, on the separated mat section, hold the base of the mat down with your non-dominant hand and hold its base down using your forefinger and thumb. With this, the comb will not pull the hair out.

Use your fine-toothed comb and start to gently comb the very tip of the hair all through the matted section. For hard to detangle sections, use three or four pegs of your comb.

Step 4 – Repeat Until Done

Give the cat a treat now and then. It could take a few hours to days to unknot all mat sections as you have to make sure that your cat is cooperating. If the mat cannot be done at home, seek veterinarian help.

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Best Cat Clippers for Matted Fur

If your feline has longer hair, she needs extra attention and love. Now and then, mats would develop and have to be dealt with for the sake of your cat. Clippers would be much safer than the usual blunt-ended scissor that is used for dematting. Scissors carry the risk of cuts and pinches, while clippers are designed to protect the skin, even when your cat wriggles while being trimmed.

1. Oneissal Low Noise Shaver Clippers

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If your cat is easily startled with noise, this may be the best clipper to be used for her matted fur because of its low vibration and super quiet design.

Also, the clipper has four guard combs and is made of an adjustable ceramic blade that would work on all fur types and lengths. It is perfect to be used for sensitive and challenging to reach mats because of its cordless design.

About the battery, it is built-in and Lithium-ion, which can run up to 80 minutes when fully charged. Charging time, on the other hand, is up to 80 minutes, too.

  • Safe, sharp, and adjustable blades
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Cordless design
  • Ultra-quiet and low vibration
  • Can last up to 80 minutes
  • Comfortable to hold

  • Not the best quality of the cut

2. Ceenwes Low Noise Pet Clipper

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The Ceenwes is another clipper that boasts of its low noise, lightweight, and cordless design.

This clipper is made of titanium and ceramic blades and comes with a knob that adjusts to different lengths. For efficient and smooth cutting, the edge is sharp and movable

In the package are a few accessories, too. It has a brush for cleaning, a power adapter, four-guard combs, stainless steel comb and scissors, a nail clipper kit, and a nail file.

For the battery run time, it can be used up to 70 minutes but needs to be charged for around 5 hours to be fully charged.

You have to be extra careful when handling this because although the blades do not get hot, the clipper itself tends to jam and result in uneven cuts.

  • Quiet design
  • Accessories included in the package
  • Five lengths option
  • Long-lasting and durable titanium blade

  • Charging time is too long for 70 minutes run time only

3. Sminiker Professional Grooming Clippers

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If you want a professional-level clipper to be used in dematting your cat, the Sminiker is the right choice for you. It has impressive features to keep your feline looking great.

The combs can be adjusted to four options – 12mm, 9mm, 6mm, and 3mm, for a closer and more complete trim. Because it is made of adjustable titanium and ceramic, the blades are sharp to make sure you get accurate cuts while saving time.

Whether you are a novice in clippers or have been using it, this clipper is user friendly.

Because of amazingly precise motor design, the noise and vibration level while clipping is low, thus making the experience more comfortable for your cat

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Professional-level clipper
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Four-setting option

  • Not ideal for coarse fur

4. Andis Pro Clip 2-Speed Clipper

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When your cat has heavy fur, there is a chance that they will not be comfortable with a standard clipper. It would be best to go for a specialty clipper and use that to demat or shave them.

This gadget runs quietly, which means no startling your cat. Its cool-running design is so smart and unique that there is no use for vents that could be filled with hair and produce the sound.

Moreover, this clipper runs on a rotary motor that helps it run cooler and longer than the usual trimmers in the market. This type of engine runs well even when used on thicker fur.

The super fast blade also means that you finish the dematting even before your cat gets irritated with the process.

  • Smooth and even cuts
  • Quiet
  • Durable and shatterproof
  • There is a lock switch for added safety measure

  • Quite big and would require more effort in some areas

5. Enjoy Pet Shaver

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Dematting your cat may take hours to finish. It requires patience and a clipper that will not die on you in the middle of the process.

Enjoy is packed with a 2000mAh rechargeable and Lithium-ion battery. Charging it for three hours would let you use it for seven hours. It would get the job done.

Another fantastic feature is that the motor has a non-clogging design. With its 9,000 per minute revolutions, there is no need to worry about the hassle of clogging.

The blades are also super sharp and can be used for both thick and soft fur.

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Extended battery life
  • Sharp blades for all hair types
  • Washable and removable blade

  • It takes a longer time to charge

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6. Wahl Bravura Lithium

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Known for making professional-grade clippers, Wahl once again had it right with the Bravura.

The clipper is lightweight and compact – weighing at less than two pounds and is 7 inches in length. Because of this design, you do not have to worry about hand strain even when used for hours already.

Bravura has 5-in-1 blades – #9, 10, 15, 30, and 40 that is perfect for a variety of lengths. It can also deliver 5,000 per minute strokes, which makes it ideal even for commercial use.

Moreover, this clipper is a hybrid – can be used wired or wireless. The battery can run for up to 90 minutes after being charged for 60 minutes.

  • Incredible battery life
  • Ultra-quiet and low vibration
  • Amazing speed
  • Lightweight

  • May not be ideal for thick matted hair

7. Oster A5

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If you need a heavy-duty clipper that works quietly, do not pass up on the Oster 5. It can deliver at two versatile speeds – 3,000 strokes per minute and 4,000 strokes per minute.

The detachable blades will give sharp and accurate cuts. Because of the broader blade sweep, it is perfect even for heavily matted fur.

Also, since the blade is detachable, other blades are compatible to be used – the Elite Cryogen X and Take Down Quick Wide blade.

Included in the package are a Cryogen X, clipper grease, brush, blade oil, and carbon brushes.

  • Multiple blades compatibility
  • Sharp and accurate cuts
  • Two-speed option
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • The blade is not adjustable

8. Oster Clipmaster

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If you are yet to decide if you want a corded or a cordless clipper, this may be the one for you.

The Oster can be used while plugged in the wall and can also be corded if you think its best for maneuvering it while doing the dematting or fur shaving. This eliminates the issue of the clipper running out of battery in the middle of being used.

It has a single speed setting that is powerful enough for cutting mats on your cat’s fur or whole body clipping.

  • Maintenance-free

  • Does not require oiling frequently
  • Ergonomic and balanced design
  • Sharp blade
  • Hybrid clipper

  • Could overheat will being used

9. Ceenwes Heavy Duty Grooming Clippers

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If you like to take charge of the overall grooming of your cat, you would not want to miss out on this clipper. This does not just clip hair, but claw clippers and a nail file are also included in the package.

The trimmer has adjustable blades of three sizes and four guide combs for different fur types. Also, the blade is made of ceramic and will not get heated longer.

Since this is cordless, it has a Li-on battery to recharge. When fully charged, it works up to four hours. It also has a light indicator to show you the power status.

  • Cordless
  • Ceramic and stainless steel blade
  • Good battery life
  • Claw care included in the kit

  • Essential instruction guide not included

10. Turn Raise Grooming Clippers

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Dematting your cat in areas like the paw, ears, eyes, and tails can be such a task. You would need this little yet versatile trimmer. The Turn Raise would be one of the best clipper choices for you.

Only weighing 0.25 pounds, this gadget is lightweight, and not to mention, water-resistant. It is also ultra-quiet and can mean a stress-free experience for your feline.

As for the battery life, you can charge it for 3 hours for two hours of use.

Because this is water-resistant, you can detach the top of the shaver and wash it clean.

  • Ultra-quiet

  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect to be used in tricky areas

  • Blades are not adjustable

11. Wahl Mini Arco Corded/Cordless

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Another trimmer that is ideal for usage on ears, faces, and paws is this Mini Arco.

Only weighing four ounces, it is equipped with a #30 fine blades. The single-speed trimmer could offer 6,000 per minute strokes. Its maximum sound level pressure is 66 dBA @ 25cm.

The Mini Arco is designed for both corded and cordless use. Its wireless operation runs for 45 minutes.

The kit includes a rechargeable trimmer, two attachment guide combs, a #30 fine cut blades, and the cleaning brush and oil.

  • Fine cut blade

  • Hybrid operation – wired and wireless
  • Lightweight

  • Short blade life
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Cat matted fur olive oil

A home remedy that has been effective at detangling cats’ matted fur is the olive oil. If you are patient, it is quick and easy to use, not to mention, it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some tips with how you can unmat cat fur with olive oil:

  1. Use a needleless syringe

Because the tip is small, it lets you put the oil closer to the affected area. It could be tough to get close to the skin using another instrument with a wide mouth like a spoon.

  1. Use more oil

Olive oil is harmless even when your cat ingests it, so it is better to put more olive oil to detangle the knot than a little, which will only make your cat oily.

  1. Use room temperature oil

Cats will be susceptible to the area where the mat forms. Make sure the olive oil is not cold, so as not to shock her.

  1. Reapply when necessary

Focus on one mat per application. If the matted part does not fall off, repeat the steps.

  1. Prepare to protect items from oil

Your cat will be oily, and anything that she could touch with the oil would be greased.

Detangler for cats for matted hair

There are instances that you will notice a matted fur forming before it gets blown out to a heavily matted hair. You can start treating it right there and then. That will also give relief to your cat as mats are inconvenient and uncomfortable.

You can use the following to detangle the knots:

  1. Use A Comb With Wide Tooth
  • Hold the fur closest to your skin using your finger before you brush and pull the mat.
  • Start at the roots of the mat and work your way to the tip.
  1. Use A Razor Or Mat Comb
  2. Use Clippers
  3. Use Olive, Coconut or Baby Oil

Cat fur matting old cats

Older cats would have a more challenging time grooming themselves, as they are unable to move like they used to. With turning around to groom being painful or uncomfortable for them, they can quickly develop matted furs.

You can follow these steps to take care of mats on older felines:

  1. Pet your cat from head to tail, and try to search for possible problematic areas. Be attentive to the hips, legs, and underside as mats commonly form there.
  2. Work through her fur. You can use a rubber brush for the loose hair, a softer brush for tangles, and a wide-toothed comb for the mats.
  3. If you find a matted section, sprinkle with cornstarch, rub it using your fingers, and brush it.
  4. Depending on the severity, you can pull the tangle apart with your fingers.

Can I shave my cat?

There are instances where it would be necessary to shave your cat. It could be for medical reasons or just to save her from discomfort.

Yes, shaving your cat should be alright, but bear in mind to do it only if there’s no other choice. Shaving is not a very pleasant experience for your feline, and could even traumatize her.

Brushing her fur daily and making sure he has good nutrition, and a proper diet can prevent some of the reasons why you would have to consider this solution.

Matted cat hair removal cream

Chances are you would need the aid of a hair removal cream to help you with the dematting process. Look for a cream that is mainly used to tackle tangles and mats in your cat’s fur. If possible, look for something hypoallergenic to make sure it does not harm her.

Removal creams are easy to use. You just spray and wait a few minutes. Then, gently brush the area to get rid of mats and knots.

How to fix hair clippers that won’t cut

After several usages, the blade has to be inspected when it does not cut anymore to wear signs and possible replacement or cleaning.

Here are tips of what you can do:

  1. Unplug the clipper from the cord. Remove and clean hair from vents that could be clogged
  2. Remove the blade from its latch and examine the socket for wear and alignment issues
  3. Clean the blade using a blade wash solution
  4. Disinfect the blade using alcohol after washing, Use clipper oil to recondition the edge.
  5. Check with the manufacturer for resharpening options or if the blade needs replacement.

Shaving cats pros and cons

There could be several reasons why shaving your feline is a rational option to do. This decision is solely dependent on the fur parent. These pros and cons might help you make an informed decision:


  • Manageability of Shedding
  • Hairball Incidents are minimized
  • Help Cats with their Flexibility


  • Possible Trauma to Cats
  • Future Skin Issues due to Exposed Skin


We have compiled questions and their answers about cats’ mats, dematting, and how to treat it:

How do I get rid of my cats’ matted fur?

There are a few options to deal with it. Please find information on how to detangle and dematt your cats above. Also, proper hygiene and good nutrition play an essential factor in getting rid of or preventing matted fur.

Can you use dog hair clippers on a cat?

Dog clippers are mainly used for longer and thicker hair, and most cat breeds have shorter fur. Because of the difference in their coats, specially designed dog clippers may not be advisable for your cat. Ideally, there are clipper kits that would also carry a thinner blade that is designed for cat fur.

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Which clipper blade is best for shaving cats?

This depends on the length of hair to be cut. The #10 blades are for general cleaning and cuts 1/16. Blade #7F is for cats with longer fur and cuts ⅛. Number 30 is for a final shave and cuts 1/50.

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What kind of Clippers do I use to shave a cat?

Silent & Convenient: Best clippers for cats grooming

Go for a clipper that does not make a lot of noise for your feline’s comfort. There are clippers wherein as the speed per minute increases, the heat and noise increases, too. Check the motor for an idea of the clipper’s strength, also.

  • Universal rotary motor – strongest, but heavy and loud, and requires a fan to cool down
  • Magnet and pivot motor – lighter in weight and produces less noise. They are less powerful and are ideal for light to medium fur.
  • Permanent magnet motor – no gearing system, these motors vibrate less and do not produce as much noise as a universal rotary motor.

Can you shave a cat with human Clippers?

It is not ideal to use a human hair clipper as an alternative to shaving your cat. Your cat’s hair is superfine, which might cause the clipper to clog up. Also, human clippers tend to get hot and make a lot of noise that might irritate your pet.

Can You Shave A Cat with Human Clippers

How do I Unmat my cat’s fur?

You can follow these steps to unmat your cat’s fur:

  • Identify the mat and isolate it from the rest of the natural hair.
  • Hold the root of the mat using your fingers and then start combing away from the skin.
  • Pull the mat apart using the end of the comb. Start at the tip of the mat, working down closest to the skin. Always detangle the knots all the way to the skin to prevent it from developing into another mat.
  • Inspect under joints and ears and demat, if necessary.
  • Brush through the fur using a soft metal-toothed comb. This should brush the last bit of mats.
  • Carefully and gently use blunt-end scissors to cut the biggest and more problematic to untangle mats. Be mindful of your feline’s skin.

How do you groom a cat with clippers?

The hygiene of your cat is vital to prevent any health issues. Professional grooming may not be economical for everyone, and it would be best to master it at home. You can check these to start grooming your pet at home:

  • Gather your grooming materials – A clipper, pet brush, nail clippers, towels, and cat treats.
  • Set up your grooming area and bring your cat there. A good tip is to select a non-carpeted place to lessen the hassle of cleaning up. Cover the table with old rags or towels.
  • Use a nail clipper to trim her nails. Clip only sharp tips.
  • Brush the cat’s fur using a slicker brush. The legs and tail should be brushed with a wide-toothed comb. If matted areas cannot be brushed down, use a blunt-tipped scissor to remove it.
  • Shave up from head going down, your cats back going to sides. Gently glide your trimmer. Use the clips to wipe shaved hair.
  • Blend the body to the mane. Brush the mane and shave the mane going up to the neck. You may then wipe off the shaved fur using a damp rug.
  • Reward your cat’s patience with a treat.

Can a cat die from matted hair?

In severe cases of matting, it grows bigger, and the knots are tighter, causing unbelievable discomfort and pain to your cat. It then becomes itchy and is hot on the skin. Eventually, the skin is inflamed and develops into an infection. Worst case scenario, your cat would need anesthetics before a mat is shaved. When it continues to be unnoticed, it could cause bigger health risks.

Is it cruel to shave a cat?

As long as you do it gently and carefully, shaving your cat for their health and comfort is still a responsible thing to do for them.

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What do you do for a severely matted cat?

For severe and infected mats, it would be best to ask for help from veterinarians or professional groomers.

What tool is best for removing mats?

The best tool for dematting would be dependent on the fur your cat has. Here are some of the combs used as a tool in removing mats:

  • Pin Brush – Perfect to use for removing tangles. It is also used to prevent the forming of fur mats.
  • Slicker Brush – Smoothens fur, removes tangles and is used to distribute natural oils towards the whole body.

Do cats like being shaved?

Being shaved is not a pleasant experience for cats. The heat and the sound of the clipper are irritating for them. But with the right and gentle preparation, she can cooperate.

What kind of Clippers do cat groomers use?

Groomers would use clippers that have enough power for clean and straight cuts but would also have low vibration and less noise.

Can I cut my cat’s claws?

Trimming your cat’s claw is only advisable for indoor cats as they’re unable to shorten them naturally. Clip only the white of the nail. Beyond that is the already sensitive part with blood vessels and nerve ending.

How do you fix matted cat hair?

Above are listed suggestions on how to fix your cat’s matted hair. There are also suggested tools and how to use them.


With the options and reviews presented here, we hope you find the best tool to help your fur baby if she is experiencing mats.

Also, by taking care of her grooming and nutrition, you’re making sure that you help her not experience the pain and discomfort of tangled knots.