11 Best String Trimmer Harness

11 Best String Trimmer Harness


Everybody wants a well-manicured lawn, and a lawnmower can only do half of the job. It would be helpful if you have something versatile and lightweight to finish it. A string trimmer fits perfectly in that description. This tool can clean spots that a bulky lawnmower can’t reach or may have missed.

Although not all are lightweight, a string trimmer can also be strenuous to the arms when you’re using it for a long period of time. People working as a groundskeeper, or a gardener, or using it for roadside cutting should have the support up for the task. Having a harness can lessen any discomfort from the string trimmer.

If you’re wondering about the best string trimmer harness, this is the right article for you. This will run through the best string trimmer harness in the market and other tips and frequently asked questions for you to make the most out of your string trimmer.

Best Weed Wacker For A Woman

We always correlate mowing to men and gardening to women. This stereotype is evident in a 2016 statistics of the Department of Labor, showing 12% of men spent their time mowing, 4% more than women.

However, maintaining a yard can be a job for anyone. In buying the right tools, especially a string trimmer, women should go for a much lighter and smaller one. Here are some examples of a string trimmer fit for a queen.

Black And Decker 12-Inch Lithium Trimmer And Edger LST300

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With its 2-in-1 functionality, this model is best for trimming grass that the mower can’t cut, and edge along sidewalks, borders, and flower beds. Light and ergonomically-designed, this model has an adjustable trimmer speed, good for enjoying the outside.

  • Has a guard on the head for safety
  • Cutting swath is 12-inch wide
  • Adjustable trimmer speed

  • Needs a backup battery
  • Long charging time

DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

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Comes with advanced functionalities, this is one of the best string trimmers for women. Precise and excellent with its patent gear drive design, this tool is optimized to handle thicker areas. Also, with its small head guard and padded grip, cutting grass has never been easy.

  • Battery-powered, cordless
  • Cutting swath is 13-inch wide
  • Has a guard on the head for safety

  • Height not adjustable
  • Not suitable for edging

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V G-MAX Cordless String Trimmer

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Like the Black and Decker, this Greenworks model has a pivoting head for edging and trimming. It has a self-feeding dual-line, and this model has a 90-minute running time. The 12-inch G-MAX cordless string trimmer doesn’t make too much noise and vibration, so you can cut those pesky weeds without distraction.

  • Cutting swath is 12-inch wide
  • Has a guard on the head for safety
  • Less noise and vibration

  • Height not adjustable

WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12” Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mover

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A straightforward tool, the WORX GT Revolution has six rotating head positions for trimming, edging, or mowing. This 3-in-1 string trimmer is best for women, due to its modern command feed spool system.

  • Cutting swath is 12-inch wide
  • Has an adjustable guard
  • Comes with an optional support wheel
  • Adjustable

  • Longer charge time

Shoulder Strap For Weed Eater/Trimmer

In picking a harness for your weed wacker, you should take into consideration the following questions:

What type of trimmer do you have? Some string trimmers have their harness counterparts. Checking online and doing research can help you to check if the harness is compatible with your tool.

Is it adjustable? Harnesses should be versatile to different trimmers and body sizes.

Is it shock-absorbing? Having a shock-absorbing pad is a must to reduce the vibrations to the body dealt with by the weed wacker.

How much back support it has? Especially for people with back problems, they should consider how a weed eater can support their backs.

Is it durable? The harness will support you better and will last longer if it’s stronger.

What is the quality of the material? You’ll never regret a product if it lives up to the price you paid for it. The better the quality is, the better the performance.

Best String Trimmer Harness

Finding the right harness for you and your string trimmer can be a difficult task. There are a lot of them in the market, and some are not close to excellent. But why do you need it? Mainly because it takes away the weight of the string trimmer from your arms and hands.

Even if you’re cutting your grass only a couple of times a year or every day, a harness is needed for extra support and to cushion you from the string trimmer’s vibrations.

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11 Best String Trimmer Harness

We’ve enumerated a couple of harnesses to ease the stress from your mind and also your arms. Look through the specific features, and the pros and cons of each one to determine what’s best for you in the long run.

Arnold UTS-1 Universal Trimmer Strap, Original Version

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Only weighing 4 ounces, the original version of Arnold Universal Trimmer Strap is very light. Although it has no pad for maximum support, it is compact and easily stored in a drawer. The strap is made out of nylon and has a quick-release universal clamp.


  • Quick-release universal clamp to rapidly unlink the trimmer
    • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
    • Universal strap for different kinds of trimmers
    • Adjustable strap for any height
    • No pads for added support

sleeri Weed Eater Strap Weedeater Harness – Universal String Trimmer Single Shoulder Pad Strap – Shoulder Arm Saver – Adjustable Grass Trimmer Weed Whacker Harness for Garden Lawn, Black

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Second is the Sleeri Weed Eater Strap and Harness, which is a universal strap that fits into most of the gas and electric trimmers in the market. Simple to install, it is 9.1 ounces and easy to store.

This nylon harness has two pads, one for the shoulder and one for the hip. The two pads help to relieve the strain from your arms and back. This universal strap makes the weed eater steady while you trim your lawn.


  • Shoulder pad and hip pad for support
  • Quick-release clamp to rapidly unlink the trimmer
  • Lightweight and not bulky
  • Universal strap for almost any trimmer

  • Only one shoulder strap making it sometimes uncomfortable

  • Lightweight and not bulky

  • Universal strap for almost any trimmer

Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT Trimmer Harness

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If you want a string trimmer harness that will make you feel very secured and well-supported, this Husqvarna model is the one for you. Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness is well-padded and has shock absorbers. With its adjustable backplate, wide shoulder straps, and chest plate, the BalanceXT Trimmer Harness can adapt to any body size.

Aside from being a shock absorber, there is also a pouch on the hip pad so you can place your mobile phone or other tools for easy access. Also, its straps are reflective, giving the user visibility in a dim environment.


  • Weight distribution due to wide shoulder straps
  • Ergonomically fits any body type
  • Made with reflective material
  • Shock absorbing hip pad
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Has shock absorbers

  • Bulky and ot easy to store
  • Can sometimes feel tight
  • Not needed for a shorter time of trimming
  • Not advisable for left-handed people


LimbSaver Comfort-Tech Weed Eater Sling, Camouflage

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The LimbSaver Comfort-Tech Weed Eater Sling is perfect for both left and right-handed people for complete comfort and user experience. A universal strap with NAVCOM® (Noise and Vibration Control Material) Dampening Technology lessens the vibrator received by the body.

Like the string trimmer harnesses on this list, it has a universal quick-release clasp. A fantastic feature of this strap is its no-slip surface for rainy days.


  • NAVCOM® (Noise and Vibration Control Material) Dampening Technology
  • Quick release clasp to rapidly unlink the trimmer
  • No-slip surface for rainy weather
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Universal clasp

  • No additional support (i.e. pads)


Echo Premium Support Brush Cutter 4 Points Harness

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The padded straps on the shoulders are heavy-duty and can withstand pressure. It also has a hip pad to protect you from any shock from the trimmer. Unfortunately, this model is not for left-handed people.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Has a 4 point system
  • Has shoulder pads and hip pad

  • Not advisable to left-handed people


MaxPower 339194B Trimmer Harness Shoulder Strap with Pad and Hanger

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Built for maximum performance and durability, the MaxPower Trimmer Harness has a strap adjustable to any height. A universal string harness harness, the built in clamp fits perfectly with any string trimmer model.


  • Adjustable strap for any height
  • Universal clamp to rapidly unlink the trimmer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has a shoulder pad for support

  • No shock absorber

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Stihl 4119-710-9001 Oem Standard Harness For Trimmers & Brushcutters

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Made from high quality and durable materials, the Stihl’s double standard harness lessens your fatigue from hours of cutting grass. The two soft shoulder pads diverts the stress from your hands to your shoulder. The string trimmer can be attached to a universal clamp at the hip pad which is also a shock absorber.


  • Soft shoulder pads for comfort
  • Universal clamp to rapidly unlink the trimmer
  • Two shoulder pads for support
  • Made from durable material
  • Shock absorbent hip pad

  • Not advisable for left-handed people

MaxPower 339195 Universal Trimmer Shoulder Strap, Black

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Unlike the previous MaxPower strap in this list, this model has no shoulder pad. This fully adjustable strap with a universal clamp is easy to install and can also be used with other equipment like blowers.


  • Adjustable and well-built
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with other equipment

  • No shock absorber
  • No padding

Husqvarna Part Number 545132903 Strap

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This harness is like the MaxPower 339195 and Arnold Universal Trimmer Strap, padless and made from sturdy nylon. Although, only advisable for Husqvarna product usage, with its clip as the main holder of any product.


  • Made from durable material
  • Adjustable
  • Universal clip
  • Can be used in any tool

  • May only work with Husqvarna products
  • No padding for support

EGO Power+ AP1500 String Trimmer Strap

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An upgraded version of MaxPower 339194B, this weed eater strap, is made to endure more extended use. The main advantage of this kind of harness is you can use it right away, no instructions needed. it is user-friendly for left-handed people and lightweight and compact for easy storage


  • Has a shoulder pad
  • Easy and lightweight
  • Compact and can be easy stored
  • Compatible with left-handed people
  • Works best with other Ego Power+ equipment

  • Only has one shoulder pad
  • The pad might slip
  • No shock absorber

HIPA String Trimmer Full Harness 4119 710 9001

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Made from durable materials and comes in an orange color for easy visibility, this harness is the support you need. With its adjustable straps and shoulder pad, this can fit any body type. Works well with different string trimmers, this harness is not suitable for left-handed people.


  • Double shoulder pads and hip pad
  • Appealing color
  • Works well with string trimmers
  • Made from high quality material

  • Not for left-handed person
  • Not shock absorber
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How to use string trimmer

Having a well-managed lawn needs an excellent string trimmer. Either powered by gasoline, electric (corded), or battery, a string trimmer can cut through grass and weed. For people who haven’t used a string trimmer, here’s how to properly operate one:

Before Trimming

  • Wear the proper apparel like pants, long sleeves, gloves, mask, and a string trimmer harness/strap
  • Check if the grass is dry and for any obstructions.
  • Read the instructions first or the manual.
  • Do a thorough check on the power tool.

During Trimming

  • Hold the trimmer firmly, waist level, on your dominant hand.
  • Move slow and steady.
  • When cutting taller grass, move from top to bottom to avoid scalping.
  • Know the different cutting techniques
    • Tapering – used for cutting along the walls, curbs, trees, and fences.
    • Scything – used for longer grass.
    • Edging – used for paths and driveways.
    • Screeding – for grass growing in cracks in driveways and paths.

When using a string trimmer, make sure to follow the list above to make the most out of your power tool. Always keep in mind your safety and the safety of others, especially if you have kids. Using it the first time is a bit hard, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll have a fresh new lawn.

What is the best string trimmer?

A weed eater, or a weed-whacker, whatever you call it, there are many string trimmers out there. Everyone’s claiming that they’re best and choosing one can be a difficult task. Here are some guiding question on picking out the best string trimmer for you:

How big is the area you’ll be trimming? For smaller areas, opt for a corded electric motor. But for a bigger site, picking a cordless one is the best choice. Although it needs an extra set of batteries, cordless string trimmers are easy to maneuver and no pesky cord.

Do you have any obstacles? Check your trimming area for any obstructions like driveways, paths, flower beds, or gardens.

Are there areas that need edging? There are trimmers with built-in edgers, so you will not position it with difficulty.

Best string trimmer for the money

Having a string trimmer is very helpful in dealing with your messy garden. To get your money’s worth, consider these features when buying a string trimmer:

Weight. Pick a light weed-wacker not to strain your body when using it for an extended period.

Noise output. Excessive noise is irritating and can stress you out, but there is no quiet string trimmer. Pick one that makes the least noise.

Vibration. A new feature in some latest models, go for string trimmer with anti-vibration technology.

Safety features. Safety is the number one top priority, prefer a weed eater with the most or efficient safety features.

Best weed eater for brush cutting

Some string trimmers can edge and trim, but when it comes to cutting heavy brush, you need to look for a weed eater with significant force to cut down extreme foliage and vegetation. The Husqvarna 128CD Gas Shaft String Trimmer is the best weed eater for cutting up brushes or thick grass.

It also has a smart start system, making you start cutting up dense foliage in a breeze. This Husqvarna model is lightweight and fueled by gas, and it is safe to operate and has an auto-reset stop button.

How to string a ratchet strap

There are a lot of precautions when transporting, handling, and storing a string trimmer. You can use different methods like boxing it, hanging it, or tying it down. Consider a ratchet strap when tying down or merely securing a string trimmer.

A ratchet strap is made out of a polyester mesh blend which is why it can withstand the industrial weight. Here’s how to thread a ratchet tie-down buckles:

Place the webbing through the slot in the center rotating spool of the closed ratchet.

Pull the webbing through, leaving excess.

Start raising and lowering the handle like a jack stand.

The webbing will wind itself and be locked in place.

Using a ratchet strap, you can create a home-made belt for your string trimmer but highly inadvisable. Although you’ll save some money, it can backfire and cause complications such as back and shoulder pains. The best course is to buy a harness or a strap made for your string trimmer.

Trimmer harness shoulder strap with pad and hanger

When picking out the best string trimmer harness for you, take note of its comfortability and the support it’ll give you. Ones with a single shoulder strap with a pad and a hanger are best for a lighter string trimmer. Here are some of the string trimmer shoulder straps with pad and hanger:

EGO Power+ AP1500

MaxPower 339194B

sleeri Weed Eater Strap

LimbSaver Comfort-Tech Weed Eater Sling

All of the straps mentioned above can be easily stored in a drawer and are lightweight. Even though it has no shoulder pad, the LimbSaver Comfort-Tech Weed Eater Sling is on the list because it has the same comfort as the others. On the other hand, the sleeri Weed Eater Strap is the best in the group. It has a hip pad that can minimize the shock dealt by the vibrations of the string trimmer.

Heavy-duty Strap-on Harness

For a larger area to cut grass, you should opt for a heavy-duty strap-on harness. Made from durable material, it can withstand the shock of the string trimmer’s vibrators when used in an extended period. Examples of which are as follow:

HIPA String Trimmer Full Harness

Stihl Oem Standard Harness

Echo Premium Support Brush Cutter 4 Points Harness

Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness

The best in this list is the Husqvarna Balance XT Trimmer Harness. Although they are all adjustable, this harness will give you the utmost support you need. With an array of amazing features, this will make your grass cutting easier and stress-free.


What is the best string trimmer on the market?

The Black+Decker LST136W is the perfect fit for anyone because it only weighs 7.8 lbs and has a 13-inch cutting swath with an automatic feed spool. It is cordless and has the MAX lithium-ion battery for fast charging.

How do you use a brushcutter harness?

A brushcutter harness is useful in supporting the brush cutter and relieving the arms of pain or discomfort. Different from its strap counterpart, the harness needs to be worn all over your upper body and usually has two straps to balance out the weight of the brushcutter to the shoulders.

How do you attach a strimmer harness?

How to Use the Over the Shoulder Strimmer Harness / Help & Advice

There are many brushcutter harnesses, and each one has a specific way to put it on. It can be easy like putting it over you and snapping the buckle close or as complex as adjusting multiple parts for the right fit. Here is an example of how you attach a strimmer harness:

  1. Hold the harness by the shoulder straps.
  2. Put your arms through the shoulder loops.
  3. Connect the belts on the chest and abdomen.
  4. Adjust the straps for a better fit.
  5. Clip the string trimmer onto the harness (kneel to do this).
  6. Adjust the straps holding the weed eater, so it sits on the hip pad or your waist (if there’s no hip pad).

How do you store a string trimmer in the garage?

How you store your tool and equipment determines their lifespan. Poorly stored one easily gets damaged, rusted, or lost. The best way to store your weed eater in your garage is to hang it. It keeps your power tool from getting damaged, and you can easily get it.

How do you hang a grass trimmer?

You can hang your grass trimmer either horizontally or vertically, but the first one is more preferred. Here are the steps in hanging your power tool:

Find a location. It should not be at the very back of your garage or storehouse and not too near the door. Also, consider the kids (if any) when choosing the right place to hang it.
Measure it. Place markers for the brackets that will support the string trimmer. Space out the brackets to evenly distribute the weight of the equipment. Also, please don’t put it too high to avoid it falling when you can’t reach for it.
Drill it. Carefully drill the holes for the bracket.
Place the string trimmer.

What is the best gas trimmer to buy?

The Husqvarna 128LD is by far the best gas trimmer out there. Made by Husqvarna, which is one of the best makers of weed trimmers, it has a transparent fuel tank and an air purge for emptying excess air from the fuel system. Weighing only 11 lbs and comes with different attachments like and edger, it is the best power tool to maintain your lawn.

What string trimmer do professionals use?

The XRU15 is the professional-duty string trimmer produced by Makita, who is one of the lead innovators of power tools. It can deliver an hour and a half of runtime and has a reverse function that cleans the trimmer head of grass.

Best Gas String Trimmer for Pros and Property Owners | Pro Tool ...

How do you winterize a string trimmer?

Here are the steps on how to prepare your string trimmer for any cold weather:

Clean the power tool. Wipe off any debris with a towel and use a toothbrush if there is some grass or any object left.
Degrease. Remove any oil or grease stain using a degreasing cleanser.
Unplug the cord. Store the cord in a safe place to avoid tangling.
Remove fuel. For the gas string trimmer, fully empty the gas chamber. Do not forget to remove the spark plug and the spark plug wire before emptying the gas chamber.
Remove spark plug. For the electric trimmer, discard the spark plug and replace it next mowing season.
Replace all caps loosely. Tightening the cover will make an air vacuum make it harder to uncap it.
These steps are also applicable to other power tools you have.

How do I choose a trimmer?

Despite weighing in on the best string trimmer (gas and cordless), one cannot positively say that a string trimmer is the best for everyone because people have different needs. You can follow these tips on how to pick the best and right string trimmer for you:

Noise output
Safety features
How big is the area you’ll be trimming?
Do you have any obstacles?
Are there areas that need edging?


In the present market, you can choose from a variety of string trimmer harnesses, including the ones this article listed. Make sure to think about your comfort and the harness’ compatibility to your string trimmer. Remember, your need is not like others, so pick something that suits your needs.