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11 Best Cordless Horse Clippers

It is that time of the year again when your work horse needs some clipping. Your horse has grown thick woolly coats making him considerably sweaty and wet at the same time. You will find it hard to dry off your horse very quickly because of his thick, sweaty and fluffy coat. You might want to look for a helpful tool to clip his coat, improve your work horse appearance, and maintain his nice and glossy coat.  

Worry not! As cordless horse clippers will bring back the shine, beauty and stand of your favorite work horse. The cordless horse clippers is your go-to instrument to help you trim and prim your horse. A great grooming instrument for your horse to make him look composed while avoiding any skin conditions. 

However, when choosing the best cordless horse clippers, you have to look for specific features. Good thing, we just laid out all the important features to look out for to make your buying decision fast and easy. When choosing, it is essential to note the following key features: 

Grip Diameter and Weight: First of all, you have to consider your comfort in using a horse clipper. Your health must not be compromised when handling the tool. The grip is important as well as your wrist. Your wrist must be at ease and comfortable, thus, the grip diameter and weight should be taken foremost into consideration.  

Speed: An average revolution per minute (rpm) of a regular clipper should run around 6000 to 7000 rpm. Anything exceeding that will tend to overheat your tool. If it is less, your tool might not cut evenly. A poorly cut coat means a poorly groomed horse. 

Motor and Noise: A horse clipper may come into three kinds of motor – universal rotary, pivot and magnetic motor. All these three vary in speed and sound that they make. Of course, you might want to choose the one that creates less noise, pick the universal motor or the permanent magnetic motor. 

Battery or Plugged: This can be totally on you. You may prefer a battery packed clipper where you can use it for a longer period of time or a plugged clipper so you don’t need to buy a set of batteries again and again. 

Best Professional Cordless Clippers

If you’re growing horses or owning several, a professional cordless clipper will come in handy. A heavy duty clipper will provide you quality, longevity and optimum performance to trim and clip your horses. A good professional cordless clipper is indeed a great investment, you might want to choose a clipper that can be used all around the body parts of your horses, or in a specific area, to make your trimming more convenient. Just make sure to choose a lightweight clipper in order not to compromise your wrists but can still handle the largest among your horses. 

How to Body Clip a Horse

Clipping a horse is a fun and joyful experience, but it can be daunting and may take long hours to finish as well. Thus, you need tips and helpful techniques to make the process easy and stress free both for you and your horse. 

The first step to take when clipping is to make your horse be in the mood. This will save you time and energy when your horse is calm and steady. Thus, you have to make sure that your horse can feel the vibration of the clipper first and foremost. This will lessen the anxiety level of your horse. 

Start clipping in areas that do not tickle. This will get your horse used to the process, and prepare him in areas that might be sensitive for him. When clipping the sensitive parts of your horse, make sure to lessen the speed. This will minimize the shock and vibration the clipper might create. Thus, less stress for your animal. 

Next, determine the direction of the hair growth of your horse, follow and start from there. Always…always…follow the hair growth direction. This will make clipping a whole lot easier. Another, pro tip – create long and generous strokes with your horse clippers to make the coat even and smooth.  You might want to avoid your clipper in close contact to your horse’s skin and body. This will cause him pain and make him react in an unnecessary way. When there’s still hair left that cannot be removed by the clipper, use cutting shears to ensure that there is no hair left in that specific part of the body. 

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11 Best Cordless Horse Clippers

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit

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Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer is number one on the list. This is one of the most popular eyebrow trimmers for women. It has a smooth pivoting head that moves according to the contours of your face. It will glide slowly and gently to trim down unnecessary hair growth onto your face. The blade is hypoallergenic perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

The package comes with comb attachments in 8 millimeters & 6mm and 4 millimeters & 2 millimeters, respectively. They are designed to trim and groom your eyebrows with accuracy and precision. You can easily switch combs according to the eyebrow shape that you want.

The design is made to sit comfortably to your hands and a go-to grooming kit that can come with you wherever you want.  The pivoting head can go around 10 degrees from left to right, sleek, safe, and easy.


The Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Horse Clipper should be first in your list when buying a horse clipper. Its key features like battery hour, 5-in-1 blades, adjustable taper level and light & handy will is everything that you are looking for in a clipper. Surely, you will always look forward to clipping your horse.  



Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

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Another clipper product introduced by Wahl Professional is the Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit. This is ideal to use at home especially to your cats and dogs. Unlike the Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Pet Clipper, this model is made to perform a more moderate clipping work. The original Wahl Professional Animal Arco Clipper has adjustable cutting lengths from 9, 10,15, 30 and 40. It is great to use in any area from ear to the body. Comes in two battery packs with 75-minute charging time. You can switch the battery after 80-minutes as it can run up to that long. This allows us to finish the work on time without having to charge the battery again and again. 

Your wrist will thank you as this clipper measures 6.75 in length and weighs 7.9 ounces. Great for long clipping hours because it won’t make your wrist tired and exhausted. Will comfortably fit into your hands that let your hand be relaxed when using it. 

Another user friendly feature of this clipper is it’s easy to clean with no maintenance power motor. This will give you hassle free grooming at all times. 

This Wahl Professional is the Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit is  your go-to tool when looking for moderate and light weight clipping work. The 5-in-1 blade can trim and prim your pet’s body and even its smallest and the most sensitive body parts. 



Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipping Machine, Large Animal, Single Speed

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Large breed animals need a lot of time and effort to clip and trim. A powerful and heavy duty clipping machine will always come in handy. This Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipping Machine is an easy pick. It has a single speed setting that will clip your horse’s coat evenly and fast . It is a powerful grooming tool ideal for full-body and high precision trimming. You wont need a lot of effort clipping your horse. 

Since it is made to perform heavy clipping work, this Oster Clipmaster runs at a speed of 3000 spm. The toughest and thickest coat will cut through in no time. Just make sure that it is fully charged to make it run for two hours. 

The Oster Clipmaster is an excellent clipper for long clipping sessions as it rarely overheats. The single speed setting won’t slow down, stall, and clatter making your work fast and at the optimum.   This includes Oster combo titanium blade sets 83AU and 84AU.

This Oster Clipmaster is a high performing horse clipper that can last up to two hours of continuous clipping. The single speed setting will create an even and smooth clipping work. A great tool to use if you want to save both your time and energy. It is also compatible with any type of Oster detachable blade so that you can easily switch and adjust for any area that needs clipping.



Wahl Professional Animal Pro Ion Pet, Dog, and Cat Cordless Clipper Kit (#9705)

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The Wahl Professional Animal Pro Ion Pet, Dog, and Cat Cordless Clipper kit is designed from light to medium clipping work. The kit includes color coded guide combos, organizer kit, styling comb and DVD guide. It has a rechargeable cordless clipper and an advanced patented motor that provide optimal speed for clipping. The ion battery as the key feature of this clipper can run up to 2 hours at its ideal speed without overheating. You can easily adjust the clipper from 30-15-10 depending on the length and area to clip .

The battery can last up to 2 hours and allows you a 15-minute quick charge if you have additional clipping to do. The speed is up to 6,000 spm that can be adjusted depending on the length and area that will be trimmed. Ideal for trimming pet areas like face, ears, and paws. 

The clipper may be ideal to use at your home pets, but you might want to second think using it in large breeds. The Wahl Professional Animal Pro Ion is specifically designed to deliver light to medium clipping work. 

This Wahl Professional Animal Pro Ion Pet, Dog, and Cat Cordless Clipper kit is another breakthrough product from Wahl Professional with much consideration to your pet grooming needs. The clipper which comes in 7.25 by 2 by 1.25 inches dimension and 10.3 ounces in weight is packed with all the necessary grooming tools from styling comb, cleaning brush, scissors and blade oil.



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Wahl Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit (#41885-0435) – Recommended Horse Clipper for Beginners

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The Wahl Professional Animal Motion Cordless/Corded Clipper Kit contains a 5-in-1 pro blade, storage case, six guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil, charger and charging stand and user’s manual. It is a complete grooming set to start up with especially if you are new to grooming pets. The kit will put you on track with its speed control feature, removable scissor grip handle and an optional cord/cordless clipper. 

You will love and appreciate its main key feature of lithium ion which allows you to charge considerably without overcharging it. The kit can run a powerful and speedy 90-minute run time allowing you a continuous clipping and trimming work. There’s more! There is a LED multi-level capacity display which indicates the level of battery. You will never have to second guess whether your clipper needs charging or be in shock running out of power. The LED display will do that for you. 

Another thing to love about this clipper is the removable scissor grip handle that will sit comfortably into your hands. No worries of falling out of your grip at all. 

Overall, this Wahl Professional Animal Motion Cordless/Corded Clipper Kit, is your go-to starter kit in pet grooming. The essential tools needed to make grooming enjoyable are included in the package. Made for light to medium clipping work.



Andis AN-79000 Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper DBLC – Recommended Cordless Ceramic Blade Horse Clipper

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The Andis AN-7900 Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper is a heavy-duty tool that can be used up to 2 hours running time. The battery can be charged for two hours before giving you its 1,800 to 3,800 strokes per minute. 

The clipper is durable enough as it is made with lithium ion casted with a powerful rotary motor. You can cut it through any type of hair or coat even if it is wet or dry. 

You will definitely enjoy its full performance as it has a ceramic blade making it cool easily while  maintaining its sharpness and strength. Another unique feature of this clipper is that the voltage for the charger stands from 100-240 volts, making it highly versatile for grooming use.  

Since the supra clipper has a detachable blade design, you get to have the option to be more versatile with the blades to be used. Depending on the coat, length and thickness – this clipper is open for blade adjustments.



Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers – Best Lithium-ion Battery Operated Horse Clipper

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This Oster Clipper with Detachable Lithium-ion Battery is ideal for grooming domestic horses and livestocks. The clipper has a high torque single speed setting that can run up to 2,400 spm while maintaining its even and smooth cutting performance. Packed with lithium-ion batteries that can last up to two hours. You can finish  your trimming work in just a matter of speed. 

The detachable blade is compatible with all Oster A5 specially the Oster wide blades. You can easily switch blades depending on the type of grooming you need to work with. The detachable blades are versatile enough to trim large or sensitive areas of your horse. 

Since the clipper is cordless, it is easy to maintain and clean. Hassle-removing experience which you’ll surely love. It is also made for all day grooming as the lithium-ion battery will prevent it from overheating. 

This Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable Lithium-ion is packed with all the benefits of a great horse clipper. Its high torque single speed setting will maintain an even and consistent trim and clip. It is one of the best cordless clippers for tough and persistent coat and fur.



Wahl Professional Animal Chromado Pet – Best Lightweight and Quiet Horse Clipper

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What is not to love in this Wahl Professional Animal Chromado Cord/Cordless Clipper? This product has rolled power and durability into one. It has a 5-in-1 blade that is easily adjustable from 9, 10, 15, 30 to 40. It has a consistent speed control that can be managed depending on the type of grooming work. It will not run out of battery because it has a 90 minute running time and can charge in just an hour. 

The clipper will sit comfortably into your hands, as it is lightweight and can be gripped easily. You will surely prevent wrist fatigue and hand exhaustion. It runs very quietly which is suitable for untamed animals or horses.  Since it is quiet enough, there will be less vibration which is much easier to take care of delicate and sensitive areas of your horses. 

You will appreciate its physical feature because it is compact enough in its 7 inches long and 1.44 wide dimension. As your horses enjoy its grooming, your hands will never be burdened with stress and heavy weight. 

The Wahl Professional Animal Chromado Cord/Cordless Clipper is another smart choice for a great clipper. It is capable to do just about anything. From trimming your horses’ body up to clipping your horses’ tail. It has the capability to run from different strokes and speed because of its speed control feature. Balanced. Quiet. Functional.



Wahl Professional Animal Chromado Pet – Best Lightweight and Quiet Horse Clipper

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Another great clipper offered by Wahl Professional is this KM Cordless 2-speed detachable blade clipper. This clipper is ideal for medium to large breed animals including horses and livestocks.

Its feature of two power speeds that deliver from 3,000 to 3,700 strokes per minute is the key benefit of this product. The speed can run from the wide and large areas of your horse up to the most delicate and sensitive parts. The stroke can maintain an even and consistent cut making your animal look composed and polished. 

Take note of its KM 10 signature brushless motor combined with the lithium ion technology that creates the easiest detachable clipper from the brand. Its constant speed control feature will make your work easier as it can effectively detect tough areas boosting its speed and power. 

The battery will last up to two hours and prevent overheating because it has lithium ion technology. Made to trim your horses, dogs, cats and other livestock.



Wahl Professional Animal Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper Kit (#8786-800)

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If you are looking for a quiet and noise sensitive horse clipper, the Wahl Professional Arco Equine Horse Cordless Clipper is a great choice. It is a 5-in-1 clipper that provides definite and even trimming perfect for ears, muzzles and other sensitive areas of your horse. This clipper is cordless, thus it is a complete package on the go.


When it is fully charged, it can perform a straight 80-minute run time. This is an ideal horse clipper for the continuous trimming activity as it also comes with two battery packs. It can run uninterrupted and you will never get to worry of overheating. This clipper is equipped with impressive ventilation for a long and heavy trimming work.

Aside from it, the clipper is compact enough that you will surely appreciate. It is friendly with your hands and wrist without having to worry of wrist fatigue. The detachable blades that come with the package are compatible with regular clippers. Just make sure to take good care of it so that it will last for a long period of time.



Andis Pet ProClip Pulse Ion Adjustable Blade Clipper – Best Shatterproof Horse Clipper

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If you’re looking for professional on-the-go horse clipper, the Andis Pet ProClip Pulse Ion Adjustable Blade Clipper should be on top of your list. It combines safety and convenience in one whole package. The clipper comes with a powerful rotary motor, a charging stand, attachment combs and blade oil. The blade runs from 9, 10, 15, 30, 40 which gives you a highly flexible option to change according to the body area that you want to clip.


Aside from that, it addresses the usual overheating issue everyone encounters as it is packed with lithium ion battery. The battery will enable you to keep the clipper running for two hours straight. The two-speed functionality will let you easily switch speed from basic grooming to high speed clipping. It is convenient and highly functional. 

Another key feature of Andi ProClip is the locking switch which prevents the clipper from locking on its own. Through this feature, you can run it uninterrupted. Giving you fast, and steady clipping experience. It is shatterproof that guarantees durability and flexibility.



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What is horse clipping?

Horse clipping is necessary and a part of taking good care of your horse. It is a process where you remove unnecessary hair growth on your horse. Basically, horse clipping is being performed before the winter comes, to prepare the horse in the cold season. Horse clipping needs practice and experience to finally achieve an even and good clip. It also requires patience because it will take a lot of time and effort to complete a full body clip.

How do you clip a horse with Cushing’s disease?

Clipping a horse with a Cushing’s disease is important. It is beneficial to the horses’ health, and will improve to regulate his body temperature. You have to be extra careful in clipping your horse suffering from this disease. We recommend using heavy duty and highly durable horse clipper that can withstand your horse’s coarse and extra thick coat. Just like how you clip a normal horse, you apply the clipping techniques that you regularly do.


How to clean clipper blades

It is essential to maintain your horse clipper blades clean and organized. A well-maintained clipper blade will prolong the life of your blade.

It requires less sharpening and will sustain its optimal cutting condition. Thus, you will save money and stress all at the same time. That is why, we present you these helpful tips to clean and improve your blades’ cutting  performance: 

Remove unnecessary hair or coat visible in your horse clipper before actually cleaning it. By doing so, it will be easier for you to clean it with a cleaning solution. A cleaning solution should disinfect and lubricate your blades at the same time. Avoid using water when rinsing your tool, it will only bring rust and make your blades damaged and dull. 

Use a small brush when cleaning. The brush will get rid of the stubborn fur and coat that you cannot get rid off. It will also remove the coat and fur build up in your tool.  

After thoroughly brushing off unwanted fur and coat, wipe them down with a cloth and apply oil around the edges to keep your blades shiny and sharp. 

Perform deep cleaning every after ten cuts to ensure that your clipper blades can perform at its optimum. 

Pet Clipper Replacement Blades

Oftentimes, your clipper blades will be worn out and dull as a result of frequent usage. There will come a time that you need to replace it with a new one. A lot of manufacturers produce detachable and adjustable horse clippers and also produce their corresponding blade replacement. You need not to worry about getting one for a horse clipper, because blade replacement is readily available in the market.  Refer to your user’s manual on how to replace your clipper blades accordingly. This will save you time figuring out, and won’t break your clippers in the process. 

Horse Clipper Blade Sizes

Clipper blades come in various sizes depending on the size, and type of animal to be trimmed and clipped. As the general rule, the higher the number of the blade, the closer the cut. For  example, a regular 40 blade will cut your horse’s hair to 1/100 inch, while the 10 blade will cut for about 1/16 of an inch long. Depending on the coat and hair growth of your, the right size of blade will make your trimming job easy and stress free. It is important to note the amount of hair to be trimmed, so that you can pick the ideal size for that specific work. The number 10 blade is the most popular size, which is usually attached to every clipper. 

How much do clippers cost?

 Horse clippers prices vary depending on the brand, material, and feature they offer. Different selection of clippers can range from $14 up to $450. It can run from heavy duty body clipper to regular touch up trimmers. Popular brands like Wahl, Andis and Oster may offer durable and heavy duty clippers in top prices, and regular clippers in a much affordable price. Just always remember, quality horse clipper is a good investment. So save up and buy that horse trimmer you always dream about.  

How do you clip a horse with no lines?

Clipper lines on your horses can be avoided if you make the right and needed preparation. The first and foremost to take into consideration is the sharpness of the blade that you will be using. Dull and dirty blades are one of the most contributing factors of clip horse lines. It tugs on the coat and skin making your trimming bumpy and difficult. Always clean your clipper every after use to maintain its sharpness. Another, dirty horse can make your clipping difficult. Make sure your horse is clean to ensure smooth and fast cutting. Put a consistent amount of pressure when clipping, this will even out the coat, and prevent clip lines. If you want to get rid of lines, you may prefer to re-clip the part with unnecessary lines.

When should I shave my horse?

Most of the time, people shave their horses before winter. This is to prepare the animal in the coming of the cold winter season. Horses are growing thick coats, their coats produce sweat and grease which is not healthy for the horse during this cold season. The sweat and grease will make your horses sweaty and wet, which can result in chilling and illness. To keep your horses healthy, always prepare your horses in this trying season. Make sure that you provide them with rug and blanket to keep them warm after clipping. 

How to shave a horse

Shaving a horse is a step by step process. You need preparation and skills to successfully clip your horse. It comes with practice and experience to finally get used to it. For beginners, we recommend starting off with easy patterns like bib or neck and belly clip. To begin, make sure that your clipper blade is clean and sharpened. Prepare your horse for clipping by cleaning and drying your horse. Then start with easy strokes on areas that need clipping. Always straighten the skin for an even and smooth trimming. Check your clipper blades every after minutes to be sure that it is not getting too hot that might harm your horse. Brush and put some oil on your clipper blade to maintain its sharpness and cutting capacity. 


What are the best cordless horse clippers?

Cordless horse clippers are perfect for on-the-go clipping. They provide uninterrupted clipping and flexible trimming unlike corded ones. You won’t be stressed with tangling cord that may go around your arms or body.  Many manufacturers make heavy-duty cordless horse clippers to suit a specific need. Andis, Oster, and Wahl are the recommended brands to try when it comes to cordless horse clippers. They are established well-enough and have credibility when it comes to functional and durable cordless clippers. 

How often should clipper blades be cleaned?

It is important to maintain your clipper blades to prolong its life. Clipper blades should be cleaned every after you use it. A simple brush, oil and disinfectant can help you remove the residue and hair that comes when you use it. It is important to note that  while using your clippers, you need to check it every after 10 minutes to ensure that stubborn and unnecessary coats, fur or hair are being removed. You will be able to use your horse clipper at the optimum if you will be able to follow this simple tip. 

How do I know if my clipper blades need sharpening?

It is easy to determine when your clipper needs sharpening and good service, when you run your fingers around the edge, and the blade is not just as sharp anymore,  you might want to give your blade some servicing. Another trick is by grabbing or pulling the coat that you just finished clipping, if you notice that there is poor alignment, there is an excess wear, your blade is already dull and needs to be sharpened. 

What are the quietest horse clippers?

There are a lot of horse clippers available in the market that are quiet. It is great for horses that are noise sensitive and can easily be bothered by too much vibration. You have to look at the motor to determine whether it is quiet enough. The smaller the motor, the less noise it produces. However, there are heavy duty noise trimmer that are quiet and durable enough to make your clipping experience stress free for you and your horse. Companies like Anis, Wahl and Oster offer quiet horse clipper that might be suitable for your trimming needs. 

Should I wash my horse before clipping?

It is important to prepare your horse before clipping. If it is warm enough, it is advisable to give your horse a good warm bath. This will remove all the excess dirt and grease, and will make your clipping work even and smooth. You can also put oil onto your horse’s body as this prevents tugging while trimming. However, bear in mind that during the cold winter days, bathing your horse is unnecessary. It will cause your horse chill and illness. 

When should you last clip a horse?

A lot of people consider not clipping their horse right before they grow their summer coat. So, the last time to clip your horse is late January preparing it to grow the most anticipated summer coat. Your horse’ summer coat is a lovely sight to see as it glistens under the sun. 

Can you use baby oil on horse clippers?

Using baby oil on your horse clippers is perfectly fine. It can lubricate your blades and a great replacement for your manufacturing oil. If you want to save money, then baby oil is a good alternative. Just make sure that the consistency of the oil is not thick enough because it might clog the blade in the process. Find baby oil with thin consistency so it can easily spread through the blade area. 

Can you clip a dirty horse?

Clipping a dirty horse is not advisable. It will make your trimming work difficult and might not give you an even and smooth finish. Always prepare your horse before trimming, and that means, you have to clean up your horse and remove unnecessary dirt on the coat. A dirty horse will only give you tug and bumps during the clipping process, resulting in a dull and unevenly cut coat. You never want to achieve this, though. 

Where do you start clipping a horse?

Clipping is a process that requires thinking and a good deal of preparation. The most important thing to consider before clipping your horse is to get your horse in the mood and prepare him for the clipping. First, pet him to calm him down especially if this is his first time to be trimmed. Then, you can start clipping at the bottom of your horse’s shoulder muscle. This area is less sensitive than the face, elbow, tummy and legs. If your horse is already comfortable with the process, you can clip the rest of his body from the less sensitive to the most sensitive. However, the last part that should be clipped is the head. Ensure that you use a fresh blade when clipping this particular body part. Always keep in mind, to clip on one side first before going to another. Check on your horse’s reaction from time to time to avoid giving him pain and stress.  

When should you first clip a horse?

There are a lot of reasons to start clipping your horse. Some clip their horses in preparation for a competition. Others will clip their horses for health purposes and regulate temperature. Whatever reasons you may have, it is highly recommended to clip your horses, especially if you notice that there a lot of hair/coat growing out of your horses’ body. Your horse will be comfortable if you get rid of any excess coat. Clipping will bring back your horse to normal and will definitely get him in the mood to work and run. 

What happens if you don’t clean your clippers?

Leaving your clippers unclean will only shorten the period that you will be able to use it. It will depreciate fast and the blade will get dull resulting to poor cutting performance. The possibility of rust growing out of your clippers occurs that you may want to replace it more often. Never leave your clippers dirty ever to save money and energy, as well.

How do you get rust off clipper blades?

Using a steel brush to remove the rust is helpful. Avoid using water because it will only produce more build up of rust in the process. It is recommended to use gun oil to help the rust come off.  Have you clippers re-sharpen to bring it back to its optimum performance.

Can you clean clippers with alcohol?

Alcohol can be used for cleaning and sanitizing horse clippers. It will help the dirt and hair to come off easily with a cleaning or steel brush. The best way to clean your clipper with alcohol is to dip your tool in the solution, and soak it for about 10 minutes. You will see dirt coming off easily. Apply oil right after to lubricate your clipper blades.

How often should you sharpen horse clipper blades?

Horse clipper blades are essential tools to achieve an aesthetically pleasing horse. The blade that you use in clipping your horse determines how even and perfect the coat will be. Thus, as a good clipper, it is your duty to frequently sharpen your clipper blades. You will notice that your clipper needs sharpening when it is becoming more difficult to cut through the hair. You tend to tug and you will see a lot of tram lines after clipping. Depending on the clipping work that you are doing, it is advisable to sharpen your horse clipper between 4 to 10 clips. 

Should I clip my horse in spring/summer?

It is absolutely fine clipping your horse in the summer. It is recommended to clip your horse during summer to cool down during warm temperature especially breeds that have thick coats. It is advisable to clip the entire body of your horse for a clean, neat and tidy appearance. By clipping the whole body, your horse will feel fresh, light and tidy.

How long does it take for a horse’s coat to grow back?

After you thoroughly clip your horse, it will usually take two weeks to settle and grow out some hair. If you prepared your horse for a competition, two weeks is the ideal time to show off a perfectly clipped horse.  Remember, your horse will not be show ready a night after you clipped him. Two weeks is enough time to show off a tidy and clean appearance of your horse.

How much does it cost to body clip a horse?

Professional clipping service depends on the type of clip you want for your horse. A selection of clipping services will accommodate your needs and requirements on the clip that you want. In the United States, a full body clip will cost you around $100 – $200, depending on the states and area. It is a lot cheaper in the United Kingdom wherein a full body clip will only cost around $55.

How can I speed up my horses shedding?

Shedding horse is normal, but there are times that delayed shedding occur and you tend to worry about it. To help your horse speed up its shedding, make sure that your horse exercise regularly. The increase in temperature and blood flow will help him produce sweat and sebum that can amplify the coming off of old hairs. You can encourage your horse to get a good roll that will eventually help in shedding off some good old hairs. However, you have to be extra attentive, if you notice that your horse is lagging behind in shedding for quite a while now, this may be caused by underlying health condition. You need to perform a health diagnostic with a veterinarian to know if this is caused by parasitism, Cushing or under functioning thyroid. Shedding is an important indicator of your horses’ health condition. 


 In this guide, we have run through all the best and recommended horse clippers that will suit your specific needs. We listed heavy-duty horse clippers that can be used for medium to heavy trimming work. We also recommended clippers for small to medium work perfect for domesticated animals.  The list also contains clippers in various speed systems ranging from single speed, two-speed to multi-speed option. We touched the charging capacity of the listed clippers. We introduced you the lithium-ion battery system which prevent clippers from overheating. We provided clippers that create less noise and vibration for sensitive animals and horses. The 11 Best Horse Clippers listed above answers all the possible questions you have in mind before purchasing. We have it all covered, all you have to do is find the specific type of clipper suitable for your specific need. This list has made your life easier and convenient, you just need to choose and start adding the item into your cart at once.