Transcription Proofreading Job Description

Below are detailed instructions on how to proofread a youtube video and turn it into a blog post

Part 1 – Training

Search for the video in the provided youtube playlist

Look at the correct spelling of the products in youtube description

  1. Replace the products in the transcriptions with the correct spelling.

Eg. For this video transcript reads “sab Sentinel a 50” instead of “ESAB Sentinel A50”

  1. Watch the youtube video and correct all the other typos and punctuations in the transcriptions. (Watch out for technical specifications).
  2. Remove “year” eg 2020, 2019, etc
  3. Change “video” to “blog post”
  4. Remove reference to the links in the description
  5. Change numbering from words to a numeral

eg. Instead of “And number one, we have the ESAB Sentinel A50”

Replace with

“1. SAB Sentinel a 50”

Part 2 – Test task

Please follow all the steps and complete the following test trial

  • Blog post to proofread

  • Youtube video with correct info

Submit the proofread blog post by replying to this email or skype provided below

Part 3 – Referral Program

By the way, do you have a friend or friends who can do this type of work?

I’m looking to hire as many people as possible. I’ve got hundreds of books.

Plus for every successful applicant, you refer and is hired, I will give you a $5 bonus.

Just ask them to add me on skype